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Sign Up Today: The Verdun NA Championship 2017

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$1,000.00 PRIZE POOL


All Verdun North American Championship matches will be played in 8vs8 format. This format consists of 8 players on each team in two squads of four in a frontlines match. More than two squads is not allowed. All squads are eligible for play and squad switching is allowed, but attempts to exploit squad callin-cooldowns will not be tolerated. Each team will play both sides on the map or maps being played in the match. Entente always attacks first. Servers for the matches will be created by an Admin. Passwords for matches are distributed by admins to team-captains. Friendly fire is disabled as currently teammates suppress other teammates by running around them. Squads are set to level 100 by default.

Map ban & Map pool formats

The Verdun North American Championship will use a map pool of five. This map pool will consist of:


The integrity of the map ban is important. The map ban is recommended to take place in ample time before the match to allow admins to have sufficient time to setup a private match. All map bans need to take place over discord between two team captains while an admin listens in to confirm the picks/bans.

Best of one map-ban

In a Best of one series, the map-ban will consist of each team banning twice, the one map not banned will be played between the two teams. Seeding will be used to determine which team will ban first, or choose what side the teams will start on the map that is selected. In the event seeding cannot be used, the team awarded the first-ban or choice of sides will be selected at random.


Team A is awarded choice of sides or first ban.
Team A decides to defer the ban and will start Entente on the map selected.
Team B bans Aisne
Team A bans Picardie
Team B bans Argonne
Team A bans Artois
Both teams have banned twice, the last map remaining and the map that will be played is Vosges. Team A deferred the ban, and elected to start on the E-ntente side, as such they will start Entente side on Vosges against team B.
Best of three map-ban

During a Best out of three series, map banning will consist of a pick-pick, ban-ban system where each team picks one map, bans one map and the final map will be the decider map (third map played if necessary). The team awarded the first map pick will be based on higher seeding or through randomizer if seeding is not available.


Team A picks Aisne
Team B picks sides
Team B picks Argonne
Team A picks sides
Team A bans Artois
Team B bans Picardie
Decider map will be Vosges
Team A picks sides

Weapon Regulations

Only deployable Machine Guns are prohibited in the Verdun North American Championship. Due to frequent issues when deploying MG's in Verdun it is necessary to ban these weapons to ensure competitive integrity. Failure to heed this rule may result in disqualification for players in violation or their team.

The following weapons are not allowed:

MG08/15 | MG08/18 | MG08/18na | Lewis | Vickers | Chauchat(French and American variants) | Madsen


The Schedule for the Verdun North American Championship will be released week prior to the start of the tournament. This schedule will be sent to all team captains and co-captains. Matches must be played on the days they are scheduled and may only be rescheduled a few hours ahead of time or a few hours later.

Steam profiles

All players who intend to register, must register with a public steam profile.

In-game names

When playing tournament matches all players must use the in-game name they registered with.


Only players from the submitted roster may be used, unless otherwise approved by an admin.


Verdun North American Championship Teams need to submit a roster with at least 8 players before the start of the tournament to be eligible to compete. A maximum of 20 players on the roster is allowed. Rosters must be submitted by the designated time and all rosters are locked once the tournament begins. Alterations can be made at anytime to the roster before the tournament begins. Rosters lock 24hours prior to the start of the tournament. Players banned from the VCL are not eligible to compete in the Verdun North American Championship 2017.


All players convicted of cheating will be banned from the Verdun North American Championship. Players who are caught intentionally exploiting may be subject to a suspension or ban. All cases of suspected hacking/exploiting are to be reported to an Admin which will then be reviewed by them. VAC bans issued to a player during their participation in the Verdun North American Championship will result in a ban from the tournament. VAC bans issued before the tournament will not result in a ban, but will require explanation to an admin, and all players with VAC bans will need to approved by an Admin. It is to be noted that the Verdun North American Championship has a limited amount of people available to admin/officiate matches, thus it is advised that teams record and take ample screenshots of their matches, to ensure the results are recorded properly, and to allow teams to dispute matches if they choose to. All match disputes are to be discussed with an Admin, and disputes will be settled with the admins.


Teams may not compete with less than 7 players. If a team does not field at least 7 players five minutes after the match has started they will automatically forfeit the match, unless the other team agrees to arrange a new time and play them again. Teams are automatically knocked out of the tournament upon a forfeit of a match.

Squad names

All squad names must correspond with the players in the squad.


Squad members: Zab, Voltaire, Nord, Posh
Squad name: Zab, Voltaire, Posh, Nord,

This allows for more efficient navigation of the UI when casting a match.

Foreign Player policy

The Verdun North American Championship is only open to teams from North and South America, however it recognizes the small communities in certain regions of the world and the interest in competitive play. As a result the Verdun North American Championship will allow up to two foreign players (not from North or South America) to be on a teams roster. These players must be presented to an Admin for approval.

NOTE: Players from regions where there is already an active competitive scene will likely be rejected, this is to prevent teams from simply bringing in foreign players to give themselves a better chance of winning, foreign players are included so they can be given an opportunity to compete that they would have not otherwise had.


The Verdun North American Championship does not have any explicit rules regarding sportsmanship, but it does encourage friendly interaction between teams and players, and mutual cooperation to ensure the success and efficiency of the tournament.


To prevent ghosting and any other kind of foul play, only admins and tournament casters/broadcasters are allowed to spectate matches in-game, if other players or anyone else is seen spectating, they will be kicked, and if registered to a team they may face suspension or banning from the tournament.

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