OPN is the first host & organizer of official eSports championships for indie games. Custom-tailored to your needs and competitive scene, E4I is your comprehensive service to cyclical and community-based tournaments. E4I provides professionally organized entertainment, broadcast on OPN’s official Twitch channel.


Unleashing the eSports phenomenon unto indie.

Our team is designed to complement yours, and will work side-by-side to tailor year-round events catered to your wishes. Our goal is to deliver a Twitch scene through competition, viewership, and entertainment to your fan base, and recognize the champions of that community with prestigious titles and handsome rewards.

Phase I
Phase 2
Phase 3


E4I resources are allocated towards establishing the groundwork for the championship. Tournament rules, cycle, and structure are defined, online registration forms are prepared, the championship website and accompanying multimedia are developed, and marketing, outreach, and other relevant promotional tools are drafted.

Phase One opens and closes with a meeting between your company, the Opnoobs and EthixGaming leadership, and the e4i Liaison you appointed as lead representative of your community.

What We Require

The implementation of a Spectator Mode.

A community representative from the player base, appointed by your company, for OPN staff to effectively collaborate and communicate with your game community.

Tier 3 Only: your participation in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies during the Finals of the Annual Championship, a live broadcast on Twitch.

Registration Window

Phase 2 starts with the official announcement. Steam forums, press release, sponsorship outreach, and social media promotion, all guide to the championship's website, encouraging E4I partners and sponsors to support the event while engaging your player base to register to the championship.

Practice Rounds & Team Formation

Throughout Phase II, EthixGaming hosts weekly events that simulate the championship, in turn creating opportunities for individuals to meet and greet and form a team. Participants are rewarded with game giveaways and other promotional products acquired throughout the promotion of the championship.

Event Production & Interviewing

Team players join the production effort through interviews, in which they highlight strengths and weaknesses, their motivations and apprehensions toward the championship and their competitors. Recording are played throughout the championship's finals, as part of the entertainment and to present a deeper look at the individuals competing.

Inauguration & Early Rounds

Preceding the Finals is your inaugural meeting. The event serves as an opportunity to welcome competitors, communicate information, and confirm participants. Following the inaugural meeting, Championship Officials (Cos) conduct the Early Rounds, throughout which players compete for their entry into the Championship's Finals.

Championship Finals

Your Championship's Finals is a weekend-long event, broadcasted on twitch.tv/opnoobsonline.

Broadcasters, accompanied by game developers and team representatives animate the competition, covering matches played by finalists.

The opening event presents each team and discusses the upcoming encounters. Following the ceremony, matches begin, e4i broadcasters and community leaders commentating over each. Intermissions make way for e4i entertainment and special giveaways. The closing ceremony sees the lead developer nominating the Champion(s), and awarding player(s) a title to be defended semi-annually.


3 Weeks


7 Weeks


2 Weeks

Most Recent Championship

The Red Solstice Championship 2017 | Ironward
US$1,000.00 Prize Pool - Visit the Official Website

Febraury 25-26 2017
Live on twitch.tv/opnoobsonline

Developers & Gamers Unite

We believe our PCs power up the most vibrant movements pushing forward the gaming industry: eSports and the indie scene. That's why OpNoobs established its competitive division: E4I: eSports 4 Indie

We work to shape gamers into professionals players, and to transform indie games into a competitive phenomenon, exposing each title’s subtleties and unveiling its true potential in gameplay, through its most skilled and exhilarating encounters to date.



Our Philosophy

In designing E4I, we considered the needs of indie teams developing online multiplayers, we lauded the rise of eSports but deplored its barriers to entry, and we concluded that titles receiving positive feedback from Steam communities could use a platform to evolve and prosper competitively, and in turn, present skillful gamers with a constant flow of opportunities to prove themselves as eSports worthy.