AS OF 03.07.2018

Rules and Regulations


When is the championship event?
The Spellsworn championship will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2018.

How can I participate and how?
The Spellsworn Championship is open to all. Register first, then join the competition through Discord and watch it live on Twitch.

At what time should I join the Discord channel?

  • U.S. West Cost: 11AM PST

  • U.S. East Coast: 2PM EST

  • Europe: 7PM CET


  • All registered players must be in the OPN Discord lobby at the start of the tournament
  • All players must install the newest version of the game in order to participate in E4i tournaments
  • Updates must be installed before the tournament starts, so that delays will be at a minimum.

The Basics

  • Battleground: The Cauldron
  • Starting Gold: 45
  • Gold/Round: 5
  • Rounds: 5
  • Allow Player Dropin: Disabled.

No restrictions on spells or upgrades during shop round, but we'd like players only to play on "The Cauldron". This'll help reduce variance for players."


Matches are five (5) rounds with two (2) players competing against each other. Last man standing is awarded the points displayed with their victory message. After the match, points are tallied and players with the most points move on to the next level of the tournament.

Settings: No restrictions on what to buy during the purchase period.

Structure: Single elimination brackets. Semi-finals winners move on to the finals and compete (1v1) for first and second place. Semi-finals losers compete (1v1) for third place.


Brackets are finalized after the registration period.

Participants must satisfy the minimum hardware and networking requirements as specified by the development studio. Intermittent connectivity issues are acceptable as tolerated by the tournament organizers.

Matches may be hosted by one of the participants. Private matches go online 5 minutes before match start; players are required to join the match at their earliest convenience.


  • Tournament officials (TOs) are responsible for the organization and proper conduct of the tournament.
  • The tournament chairman (TC), who may be determined during the tournament, shall always cast the deciding vote in cases of disagreement.
  • Rules may be amended before the first match of the tournament.
  • TOs have the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fair play.


  • Failure to be ready to play at match time may be considered a forfeit. The match may be postponed for 5 additional minutes to allow for late players to join.
  • If there is a double no-show, the formerly eliminated players shall compete to advance to the next.


  • Available prizes is posted here.
  • No cash or other substitution may be made.
  • Winners are responsible for taxes or fees associated with receipt or use of a prize.
  • The Overpowered Noobs, LLC is not responsible for faulty game keys provided by third-party suppliers. In the event a game key is unredeemable, The Overpowered Noobs, LLC will replace said game key with another key for the same title if in stock, or with a key for another title of equal market value.

Code of Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct towards other players, community members, or officials may result in warnings, suspensions, score penalties, or temporary or permanent disqualification. Please be civil.

A no-show at consecutive events is a one-cycle ban from E4I events.

Cheating shall result in lifetime disqualification from E4I events.

18, 2018


Jump into Discord by joining the E4I category and channels, practice with other participants, and wait for festivities to commence!