AION Free-to-Play Update 5.0 European Release Date Announced

July 11, 2016 Written by

Asian game developer NCsoft’s hit MMO game, AION Free-to-play, is getting its newest update for the European servers. Other regions like South Korea have had this version since November of 2015, and the wait for international release has been long. MMO provider Gameforge is releasing the update on November 10th.

The update is titled Lost Memories and introduces some new features.

The cap for leveling will increase to 75 and heroes can level up to High Daeva, a new form that has the power of Twelve Empyrean Lords. Two new areas, Nosra and Esterra, will also be opened to players, allowing for new quests along the journey. In addition, four new instances will be playable.

You’ll discover the role past High Daevas played in the near extermination of Atreia and your role in the coming battle. The key lies within your forgotten memories. As you explore the new areas and story, you will unlock the past.

In North America, the expansion is titled Echoes of Eternity. This same update will give North American players a chance to storm the Tower of Eternity and find an artifact that could spell doom for opposing factions. Echoes of Eternity was announced earlier this month and will go live on July 13th.

What sets the two updates apart (aside from the names) are the implications being noted for Lost Memories. On the European website, Gameforge hinted that Lost Memories would be an improved second version of 5.0. Whether or not this implies that North America’s Echoes of Eternity update will receive the same version is unclear.

Gameforge also offers the Lost Memories update for multiple languages including German, Italian, French, Polish, and Spanish. All of these languages will be available on November 10th as well.

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