Atlas Reactor Free Event, Two New Freelancers Announced

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Trion World’s turn-based battle arena, Atlas Reactor is hosting a free event for all players starting today, July 8th. The event will introduce two new freelancers and the implementation of Ranked Mode. Anyone can jump in and play the game during the event which ends on July 17th.

Atlas Reactor takes the classic turn-based style of gameplay and adds a fast-paced style by making all turns simultaneous. There is no waiting for someone to move. Players constantly make decision on whether to attack, defend, or dodge, almost like a fast pace game of rock-paper-scissors. Each decision matters as you try to strategize and guess what your opponent will do. In order to better explain the game’s unique gameplay, the developers at Trion World published a New Player Guide which can be read on their website.


Only one of the two new characters has been announced.

Celeste, the first new freelancer, is a firepower freelancer with ability to steal your wallet as well as your heart. She utilizes smoke bombs to hide her quick decisions from enemies and always keep them guessing where she will strike next. This play style goes great with her ultimate ability Safecracker, and requires good positioning for immense damage. Celeste will be playable throughout the event, along with the seventeen other characters.

The second new freelancer will join the lineup later on in the event. The mechanized hero will be revealed during Trion World’s weekly Atlas Reactor livestream at 10:30 PM BST today, July 8th. The character will be available for play on July 12th.


You can get access to the event for the free week of Closed Beta by following this link to their homepage. Hurry before you miss out on your chance to experience the game for free.

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