Have you heard about DIE YOUNG?

December 05, 2017 Written by

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: I’m sure you’ve already heard about DIE YOUNG, the visually impressive first person open world survival game set in an island in the Mediterranean Sea featured by Daphne, a brave heroine who tries to escape from this dangerous place:

This upgrade reveals relevant background about Daphne, such as the events that brought her to this island. Apart from that, she has gained new attacking moves and a new item which will help her in this quest.


Die Young is an open world, dynamic action adventure presented in first-person perspective. You awaken, on a picturesque 12 sq km island in the Mediterranean, buried alive and left for dead. Starving and dehydrated, your struggle to stay alive has just begun. Jump, climb, take advantage of your athletic and parkour skills to overcome the dangers and wildness of nature!

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