The Gardens Between Gets New Trailer

October 30, 2017 Written by

The Gardens Between

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: MELBOURNE, Australia - October 30 - As announced by Sony during their press conference today at Paris Games Week, The Gardens Between will arrive on PC in Q3 2018, and a new trailer has just been revealed.

The Voxel Agents' adventure puzzle game in which two best friends explore a surreal world of mysterious gardens will be playable on PlayStation 4 (EN: alas) for the first time at PlayStation Experience, taking place Dec. 9-10, 2017 in Anaheim, California. It will launch on Sony's platform simultaneously alongside the Steam Windows release.

Control the flow of time, forwards and backwards, as Arina and Frendt move through dreamlike environments peppered with curious objects. The pair will manipulate the world around them to alter how objects move through time. Solve puzzles to ignite constellations and illuminate defining moments in their friendship.

Explore an imaginative wonderland filled with abstract environments and rife with symbolism and hidden meaning. As Arina and Frendt's passage progresses, their story, steeped in themes about childhood and what it means to grow up, will unfold.

"Every puzzle in The Gardens Between reveals more of the narrative of Arina and Frendt," says Simon Joslin, co-founder, The Voxel Agents. "Though the journey is an emotional one, our aim is to create a meditative experience that players will look forward to escaping into and relaxing with."

For more information, please visit The Gardens Between's official website.

About The Voxel Agents

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, The Voxel Agents was founded in 2009 by Simon Joslin, Matthew Clark, and Tom Killen to create games that kindle curiosity with a passion for highly focused gameplay.

Previous achievements include their hit release Train Conductor, followed by Train Conductor 2 USA and Puzzle Retreat, totaling over 11 million global players for theTrain Conductor franchise.

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