Written by Sarah Darling | Edited by Jade Swann

Strategic Mind: The Pacific is a turn-based strategy game set during WWII, focusing on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the USA retaliation. It includes Land units, Navel units, and, of course, the Air units. It’s more than the normal TBS game because it is based on actual events from WWII.


I went into this game very excited to play. TBS is my bread and butter (like real butter, not that fake stuff), but this was just difficult. It felt clunky, misleading, and just downright annoying. First, it wouldn’t allow me to use my game controller. Then, when I tried to use standard keyboard keys (WASD) it wouldn't let me use that mode either. It allowed me to do point-and-click via my mouse, but even that jumped around a lot, which made enjoyment a pointless mission.


The gameplay itself was made to be enjoyable... for a few hours of entertainment, at least. Anything past that and I felt like I was reliving stories told to me by an old neighbor who survived the Pearl Harbor attack (no joke, his name was Frank and he actually survived the Nebraska). The jumping back and forth between land and sea was random and sometimes felt forced. Forcing yourself to play through the randomization will show just a rhetorical game and maybe even a similar theme to something you might have already played... on a different platform... with a different name.


Crashing was a large problem while I played. It felt like every time I was getting somewhere: CRASH! “Please relaunch your game.” After about five times of the game crashing, I was finished. I played enough of it to get a pretty decent opinion about it, and, in all honestly, I was just aggravated with making progress and then losing it. It is the standard TBS game, set in WWII, with some, shall we say, glitchy problems?


Now we can get down to the biggest problem... Why do I have to play alone? The game seems like the perfect place to battle, one-on-one. So, I pose this question to the creators and developers: Why don’t you want me to make friends? I mean, let’s be realistic, someone would be the USA and someone would have to be Japan so I can kind of understand why there’s no multiplayer mode, but then there’s the second biggest complaint: why are there no skirmishes? Short little blasts of a section of battle? Seems like a fair idea to me.


The Verdict: Flawed

Well, if you love TBS games and WWII, then this is your cup of tea. If you’re just into TBS games, give it a go, but be prepared to run into some issues (see list, and reasons, above). I wanted to like this game so much, I did, I swear! But there were too many issues that piled up and landed me to give a low rating. I’ve noticed that the game has positive reviews from users, so maybe it’s my computer, maybe it’s a missing update, or maybe I’m just a cruel person, but hey! I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em!

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