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Layers of Fear New Ending Announced

Editor’s Note: this article was edited by OPNoobs staff for neutrality.

Introducing Layers of Fear: Everything Is Going To Be OK DLC

Two years ago, Bloober Team released Layers of Fear. Players dove into the mind of an insane painter and discovered the secret to his mad genius. They explored his descent into alcoholism and his crumbling relationships with his family. They came face to face with the demons of his psyche, the same demons that would drive the Artist to create his sick and twisted magnum opus.

But what if the Artist never succumbed to alcoholism and despair?

What is he was just a regular guy who loved interior decorating, who was trying to get by in this crazy world with the support of a loving wife with all her limbs still intact?

On April 1, Aspyr and Bloober Team are proud to introduce Layers of Fear: Everything Is Going To Be OK DLC pack. Pull back the curtains, bask in the sunshine, play with your kids, kiss your wife, and paint for the sheer joy of painting.

Why? Because everything is going to be ok.

Key Features

A Peaceful Mansion: Explore a lovely Victorian-era mansion where the scariest thing you have to worry about is stepping on your kids’ Legos, or bumping into the ghost of Bob Ross.

Decor To Die For: Completely redecorate the Mansion to remove the dreary look! Choose between hundreds of themes and motifs, from Oriental to Santa Fe. Invite your friends via online co-op to apply new wallpaper, and submit your new home to Decor Magazine to win the prestigious Golden Foyer award!.

PIY Controls: Paint it yourself using the same tools that professionals use to create digital masterpieces. Make yourself a cup of tea, grab a brush, and pour your heart into your canvas.

Rorschach Test: Submit your completed works to the Therapist, an always-online community who will judge your skill as well as your sanity.

Final Ending: Experience the true and final ending to the Layers of Fear saga by painting a new masterpiece, redecorating the mansion, avoiding all alcohol, and refusing, under any circumstances to murder your family.

Straight from the Devs
Sunday, 01 April 2018 05:43
Published in Straight from the Devs



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