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TERRORHYTHM Early Access Review

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TERRORRHYTHM is a 2D rhythm-based brawler recently released by EvilCoGames on Steam’s Early Access. Set in a dystopian future where sound is forbidden, the player must bring music back to society through the use of well-timed violence. Punch your way through fifteen vibrant levels to stake your claim on the leaderboards.


TERRORRHYTHM is incredibly similar to One Finger Death Punch (OFDP), released by Silver Dollar Games in 2014. While derivative, TERRORRHYTHM puts greater focus on score. Music is the heart of the title. While there’s only a single track currently packaged with the game, there’s a custom mode where you can load in your own music. The infinite possibilities presented by the custom mode adds some much-needed depth to the title.

When compared to OFDP’s stick figure graphics, TERRORRHYTHM looks great. Its world is stylized, with buildings and enemies accented by neon detailing. Despite this, there’s a distinct lack of variety amongst the combat animations. You can dispose of foes with your fists, a scythe, or a sword, with each type of attack having a unique animation. In comparison, OFDP presents you with a vast arsenal of weapons with which you can string together attacks and interact with the environment in a multitude of ways.

As TERRORRHYTHM is currently in Early Access, I dealt with a couple of minor technical issues. My first impression of the title was marred by the fact that the language is set to Russian by default and the tutorial crashed on me multiple times.


TERRORRHYTHM is played almost entirely using arrow keys. The player has the ability to punch, punch harder, and punch farther. The challenge is derived from the fact that your actions must be in-time with the beats of the music. While it’s a neat gimmick, fighting to a beat ultimately restricts the player’s movement, especially if you are bad at keeping tempo. Where OFDP’s strength comes from the fluidity of its combat, TERRORRHYTHM’s biggest flaw is the combat itself.


The Verdict: Fair

While TERRORRHYTHM is a unique medley of the rhythm and beat-em-up genres, the small scope of the title means things get repetitive fast. I’m hard-pressed to recommend this title in its current state — doubly so considering the $22.00 price tag. If you’re a die-hard rhythm game enthusiast, I recommend waiting for the release of a stable version of the game before taking the plunge.

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