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The Should We Cover It Show?! Ep. 30

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Tuesday June 28, 2016 Ep. 30 PLAYLIST:

1. Tormented 12 (Leon Aminof)
2. Hypnorain (Kirill Poletaev)
3. Dead End Road (DDD Wares)
4. Hyperdimension Neptunia Limited Edition Trilogy Pack (Idea Factory Co., Ltd)
5. The Spatials: Galactology (Weird and Wry)
6. Asteroids Minesweeper (Francois Braud)
7. Metamorphic (Jeremy Slavitz)
8. Song of the Deep (Insomniac Games)
9. Necropolis (Harebrained Schemes)
10. Ghostbusters (Activision)

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