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Elsword Rules and Regulations

All times are listed in EDT. By participating in the 2v2 Elsword Tournament, players affirm they meet all requirements and agree to the following rules:

  1. Player Eligibility

    1. Server Restrictions: Player account must reside on the Solace server to participate in the tournament

    2. Account Standing: Players must possess Elsword and forum accounts in good standing to participate. Players with in-game or forum bans on record will not be allowed to compete.

    3. Communication: Both players on a team must have access to Discord and join the following server via this URL → in order to communicate with event staff and/or resolve any disputes. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

    4. Code of Conduct: Players must adhere to the following code of conduct at all times.  Players are responsible for reporting disruptive, harmful, or unsportsmanlike behavior to tournament administrators. Failure to follow the code of conduct may result in any of the penalties outlined in section 1.5

      1. Treat tournament staff and fellow players with respect. Actions and language that are insulting, threatening, abusive, or offensive are not permissible.

      2. Competitive integrity must be upheld at all times. Corrupting the competitive integrity of the tournament can occur through Hacking, Exploiting, Collusion, account sharing, registration under multiple accounts, or other methods of cheating not listed here.

      3. Players must follow the instructions or decisions of tournament staff at all times.

    5. Penalties: Penalties for breaking the Code of Conduct outlined above may result in the following penalties at the discretion of tournament administrators, depending on the severity of the infraction:

      1. Automatic disqualification

      2. Forfeiture of prizes

      3. Suspension from current and future tournaments, for a period of time to be determined by tournament administrators.

      4. Permanent ban from all future E4I events.

  2. Game Requirements

    1. Updates: Players must have the latest version of the game in-order to participate in E4I events.

    2. Technical Difficulties: Players facing technical problems during the event will be given a short grace period of 10 minutes to resolve them before being automatically disqualified.

    3. Network strength: Players must satisfy the minimum hardware and networking requirements as specified by the development studio. Intermittent connectivity issues that disrupt competition should be reported via Battlefy.

  3. Character Restrictions

    1. Dual Characters: Teams must play with two different characters. No double character teams are allowed.

    2. Level/Job Requirement: Participating characters must be level 99 and have acquired Third Jobs

    3. Rank Requirements: Participating characters must have completed their ten qualifier matches and have received a PvP rank. All ranks are allowed to compete in the tournament.

    4. Equipment and Accessory Requirements:

      1. Participating characters must utilize a +7 Sparring Set, including Shirt, Pants, Gloves, Shoes, and Weapon.

      2. All Sockets and Resists are allowed

      3. Mana View is allowed, but only the Nasod Goggles and Nasod Scouter.

      4. Elemental Attributes are not allowed on weapons.

      5. Characters are allowed to equip a Magic Necklace (Standard/Ereda). All other titles, costumes, and accessories (including Ring of Fury) are not allowed during tournament play.

    5. Skill Restrictions:

      1. Force Skills

        1. All Force Active and Force Passive skills are prohibited from use in competition

        2. Force Mods are allowed to be used in competition.

      2. Hyper-Active and Wedding skills are not allowed in competition.

    6. El Resonance: El Resonance and associated effects will be disabled during competition.

  4. Tournament Structure

    1. Registration and Check-In: Registration closes on Saturday, July 28th at 12:30 PM EDT. Registration is capped at 32 teams. Teams are required to check-in via Battlefy between 11:30 AM EDT and 12:30 PM EDT on Saturday. Teams that fail to check in will be not be seeded into the bracket.  

    2. Structure: The tournament will be start on Saturday, July 28th at 1 PM EDT. The tournament will be double-elimination, best of three game sets, capped at 32 teams.

    3. Map Pool: Maps eligible for tournament play include Wally's Castle Center, Wintery Velder, Wally's Castle Rooftop, Elrios Bay, Banthus Cave, and Durahan Coliseum. All other maps are banned.

    4. Match Setup for Non-Streamed Matches: Players will invite their teammate and opponent to a private password protected sparring room. Below are the instructions setting up the match

      1. Title Example: (Team name 1 vs. team name 2)

      2. Team DeathMatch - Select

      3. Additional Rules

        1. Title = Uncheck

        2. ERP Lv.= Uncheck

        3. Equipment Stats = Check

      4. Mode = Power

      5. # of Kills = 4

      6. Private = Check

    5. Match setup for streamed matches - Players will be notified via discord by CrustyForkc if their match will be streamed. He will then tell you the name of the room along with the password. Join this room, but WAIT FOR HIM TO TELL YOU WHEN TO START so all of our commentators and stream technicians can join as spectators.

    6. Map Selection: The first map will be chosen by the team seeded higher in the tournament. The loser of the previous round will then make the map selection for the 2nd and 3rd round. Players cannot select maps they have previously won on.

    7. Match Reporting: Players report their matches via Battlefy. Players are required to take screenshots of the results screen after each game in case a match is contested. These screenshots are submitted via Battlefy.

  5. Streaming

    1. Player streaming of the tournament is not permitted. A large number of matches will be streamed at

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