Mushroom Wars 2 Fall 2V2 Cup Rules and Regulations

By participating in the Mushroom Wars 2 Fall 2v2 Cup, players affirm they meet all requirements and agree to the following rules.

All times are listed in CET. To convert these times into your local time, clicking on any listed time will take you to a time zone converter. By participating in the Mushroom Wars 2 Fall 2v2 Cup, players affirm they meet all requirements and agree to the following rules:

  1. Player Eligibility

    1. Account Standing: Players must possess Mushroom Wars 2 and forum accounts in good standing to participate. Players with in-game or forum bans on record will not be allowed to compete.

    2. Communication: Players must have access to Discord and join the following server via this URL → in order to communicate with event staff and/or resolve any disputes. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

    3. Code of Conduct: Players must adhere to the following code of conduct at all times. Players are responsible for reporting disruptive, harmful, or unsportsmanlike behavior to tournament administrators. Failure to follow the code of conduct may result in any of the penalties outlined in section 1.4

      1. Treat tournament staff and fellow players with respect. Actions and language that are insulting, threatening, abusive, or offensive are not permissible.

      2. Competitive integrity must be upheld at all times. Corrupting the competitive integrity of the tournament through Hacking, Exploiting, Collusion, account sharing, stream sniping, registration under multiple accounts, or other method of cheating will not be tolerated and may result in severe penalties.

      3. Players must follow the instructions or decisions of tournament staff at all times. Non-compliance is not permitted.

    4. Penalties: Penalties for breaking the Code of Conduct outlined above may result in the following penalties at the discretion of tournament administrators, depending on the severity of the infraction:

      1. Formal Warning

      2. Automatic disqualification

      3. Forfeiture of prizes

      4. Suspension from current and future tournaments, for a period of time to be determined by tournament administrators.

      5. Permanent ban from all future E4I events.

  2. Game Requirements

    1. Updates: Players must have the latest version of the game in-order to participate in E4I events.

    2. Technical Difficulties: Players facing technical problems during the event will be given a short grace period of 10 minutes to resolve them before being automatically disqualified.

    3. Network strength: Players must satisfy the minimum hardware and networking requirements as specified by the development studio. Intermittent connectivity issues that disrupt competition (such as black screens) should be reported via Battlefy, and will be ruled on by tournament administrators.

  3. Tournament Structure

    1. Registration: Registration is conducted via Battlefy and closes on Sunday, November 11th at 5:30 PM CET. Players must create or posses a free Battlefy account to register for the tournament. Players can sign up as a team of two or as a free agent. Free agents will be matched up with other free agent registrants on a first come, first served basis so that teams can practice before the event. It is recommended that players try to find a partner via the #looking-for-team channel on Discord before registering, to find a partner of equal skill.

    2. Check-In and Tournament Start: Teams are required to check-in via Battlefy between 4:30 PM CET and 5:30 PM CET on Sunday November 11th. Teams that fail to check in will be disqualified. The tournament will be start on Sunday September 30th at 6:00 PMCET.

    3. Game Settings:

      1. Hero Restrictions:

        1. Banned Heroes: Sato’Shii, as well as any heroes released within two weeks of the tournament start date. If a banned hero is used on a map, said map point will be awarded to the non-offending team.

        2. Double Hero Selection: Both players on the same team cannot select the same hero simultaneously.

      2. Starting Map and Mode: All matches will start on Q3 in Conquest Mode.

      3. Map Restrictions:

        1. Pre-Match Map Bans: Each team can choose to ban up to two maps per match. Bans must be announced in Battlefy before the first match is played. First, the higher seeded team bans a map, announcing it in the Battlefy match chat. Then, the lower seeded team bans a map. The higher seed then bans their second map, after which the lower seed bans their second map.

        2. Permanent Match Bans: Q6 and Q29 are banned. If a match is played on Q6 or Q29, the map point will be awarded to the team who didn’t pick the map.

      4. Banned Modes: All modes are allowed in competition (Domination, Conquest, and King of the Hill).

    4. Match Procedure: The tournament will be single-elimination. Each match will be Best of 5 maps, except for finals, which will be Best of 7.The losers of the semi-final matches will face each other in a Best of 5 third-place match. There are two separate match setup procedures depending on whether or not your match will be streamed, both of which are detailed below:

      1. Non-Stream Match Setup: For non-streamed matches, teams must confirm their presence by typing in the Battlefy match chat, then friend each other in-game using the in-game name provided on Battlefy. The higher-seeded team in the bracket creates the first match, and invites the lower seeded team. The first map will always be D21, in Domination mode. After the game, the losing team creates the next match and chooses what map/mode will be played from the map pool. This process repeats until one team wins three games.

      2. Stream Match Setup: Teams will be informed via Battlefy that their match will be streamed. Streamed matches will be set up by tournament administrators and will be coordinated on the Mushroom Wars Discord. Teams must wait until given confirmation by tournament admins to start their game. After the game, teams must communicate their map and mode picks to an admin via Discord, who will then create the match. This process repeats until one team wins three games.

      3. Match Reporting: teams report their matches via Battlefy by clicking on the “Report Score” button on the match page. teams are required to take screenshots of the results screen after each map in case a match is contested, which can also be submitted via Battlefy.

    5. Match Disputes:

      1. If a match issue arises, please click on the Report Match issue button on the Match Page in Battlefy. This notifies an administrator An administrator will gather information via Battlefy and, if needed, Discord, and then issue instructions as to how the match will proceed.

Captains can report their team's score.

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