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Action-Exploration Game Valley Set To Launch on August 24th

Popular developers Blue Isle Studios announced the release date for their upcoming first-person action-exploration game, Valley.

It is set to release on Steam for PC August 24th. Known for making the popular horror game Slender: The Arrival, Blue Isle Studios promises lovers of the exploration genre a magical, wondrous adventure.

Valley lets players wear a powerful exoskeleton, the L.E.A.F. Suit, which increases agility and strength. With it, you can explore the hidden wonder in the Rocky Mountains known as The Valley and control both life and death. But know this: hidden in The Valley lies a powerful relic capable of bringing death on a global scale. It is your goal to find and harness the power of the relic for good.  As you explore, collect orbs of life, dash through forests, and uncover clues to the environment around you.

Valley is rated T for Teen and will release worldwide August 24th.

James Peterson
Written by
Wednesday, 27 July 2016 00:00
Published in Straight from the Devs

After spending over eight years in the land of the rising sun, James Peterson returned to his origin of birth in America. There he receives further schooling in the field of Japanese and journalism. He enjoys spending his free time exploring Hyrule field and eating sandviches. James aspires to become the best game journalist he can be. "As long as you keep pedaling, you'll be guided to where you need to go."

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