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Codex of Victory Coming to Early Access

The Ino-Co Plus company announced their plans to publish Codex of Victory for Early Access on Steam soon.

The new turn-based wargame features Sci-fi themed battles with giant robots, tanks, galactic aristocracy clans, and much more. It all leads to the one purpose of gaining the ultimate power.

In Codex of Victory, players travel the galaxy to claim a planet to be used as a base for the never-ending war against the Augments. Build the base underground to produce units, and construct an army worthy enough to make all who oppose you suffer. It’s an RTS style game with the feel of a Sci-fi adventure.

The Ino-Co Plus company expects a lot of help from the player community in moving forward with this game. Currently the game is in its Alpha stage, but it needs the combined force of an active community to fix any problems it might have.

The developers are also known for making such games as Warlock, Majesty 2, and Elven Legacy. No word on when Codex of Victory will release for Early Access.

James Peterson
Written by
Monday, 18 July 2016 00:00
Published in Straight from the Devs

After spending over eight years in the land of the rising sun, James Peterson returned to his origin of birth in America. There he receives further schooling in the field of Japanese and journalism. He enjoys spending his free time exploring Hyrule field and eating sandviches. James aspires to become the best game journalist he can be. "As long as you keep pedaling, you'll be guided to where you need to go."

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