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México Announces The DEVHR International Game Forum

The 7th One.

DEVHR International Game Forum comes to the Digital Culture Centre at Mexico City to become once more a meeting point between government agencies, academia, industry members and independent developers who work around gaming and interactive entertainment.

STRAIGHT FROM THE ORGANIZERS: DEVHR will have a series of 45 conferences and academic panels, as well as a showroom with over 30 game and entertainment culture-related projects. Two new thematic areas will be making a debut this year: Game Preservation and Memory, as well as Alternative Recreational Culture Studies, in addition to our usual themes: Game Studies, Applied Arts in Gaming, Applied Technology in Gaming, and Business and Communication.

This year’s Game Preservation and Memory area will focus on activities and research related to the preservation of cultural and material memory in videogames, tabletop games and role-playing games, and will feature Artemio Urbina, founder of Arcades MX and Prof. Romano Ponce, researcher at Guadalajara University.

Our other new thematic area, Alternative Recreational Culture Studies, will explore the study and socialization of cultural expressions around the concept of gaming and cultural spaces in the XXIst century. Therefore, this year we are accompanied by Briz Blossom, Kawaii Ambassador from the Japan Lolita Association, and founder of the Lolita & Boystyle Fashion Association.

Among the cultural activities in this year’s program, DEVHR will feature 2 art galleries

One to celebrate Latin American videogames, with support from Calidad de Línea publishing house and Kokoro Magazine; and another with an exhibition of the illustration works of Coffeshere, which will be presented with support from Lolita & Boystyle Fashion Association. In addition to these galleries, we will have a concert with musical guests that have expressed through their works the experience of music in videogames. This year’s lineup includes Bit Girls, Ari Sorpresa, Joselow and Sr. Pixel.

Our featured international guests for this edition of DEVHR are Celia Hodent, UX Director at Epic Games; Inés Alcolea, PR & Communications Manager at Digital Legends Entertainment; Eduardo Vaisman, Lead Team Audio from Ubisoft Toronto, who will be with us through video conference; Dr. Pierre Bourdin and Dr. Joan Arnedo, professor and coordinator of the Master’s degree program in Videogames from the Oberta University of Catalonia. Representing Perú and National University of San Agustín de Arequipa we have Dr. Rosa Núñez Pacheco and Mr. Daniel Castillo Torres, who will be speaking about the profound relationship between literature and video games. Sandra Rozo, founder of ECDC and director of Gamer On magazine, as well as Bernardo Mallaina, in representation of FUNDAV and game developer, will speak to us about the video game industry in South America.

Last but not least.

The main guests to DEVHR are each and every one of the young people who want to immerse themselves in game development, and therefore the Forum continues to be a free, open and plural space to everyone. We invite you to join us on September 20th to 24th to come and meet the gaming professionals of Mexico and the world.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017 12:34
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