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Microïds to adapt Alfred Hitchcock's VERTIGO

Editor’s Note: this article was edited by OPNoobs staff for neutrality.

Vertigo Rights? Check!

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Paris, March 13th, 2018 – Microïds, Anuman Interactive’s video games publishing label, has signed an agreement with Los Angeles-based Reeder Brand Management for the rights to the name and likeness of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock and elements of his film Vertigo. Microïds also announced that Pendulo studios will be developing a game loosely based on Hitchcock's masterpiece.

This agreement will enable Microïds to expand its catalogue, which is already brimming with prestigious licences (Asterix and Obelix, Blacksad, Agatha Christie or Syberia...). The agreement also reaffirms the label’s desire to reach as many players as possible by adapting world-famous stories for video games. Elliot Grassiano, Microïds VP, stated: "Microïds has a long tradition of developing adventure games, and in this case, we'll be taking one of the all-time classics from the Master of Suspense and merging it with Pendulo Studios' expertise. We want to provide players with a video game that will become a classic of the genre.'

Pendulo Studios, the creators of the Runaway saga and the future adaptation of the Blacksad series of graphic novels, is working on the video game re-interpretation of the film Vertigo, drawing on the themes and aesthetics of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece. The hero will be forced to deal with both physical and mental vertigo as his obsessions drag him deeper and deeper into the murky confusion between the real and the imaginary. "After so many years of blending the language of cinema with that of interactive media, and after a bunch of thriller games in our catalog, it's an honor and an exciting challenge to adapt Hitchcock's masterpiece to a video game. We are working hard to meet the expectations of both players and moviegoers". Declares Felipe Gómez, CEO of Pendulo Studios.

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About Anuman Interactive

Anuman Interactive is a French publisher of multiplatform video games and mobile applications with two main licences: Microïds - its video game label - and Home Design 3D - its application and interior architecture software label. For more information, please visit

About Microïds

Over the last few years, Microïds has built up a catalogue of games for PC and consoles. Its work with studios and authors (Pendulo Studios, Eden Games, Paul Cuisset, Benoit Sokal...) and its adaptations of licences (Syberia, Garfield, Agatha Christie, Blacksad...) have enabled it to reach a wide audience. Microïds released Moto Racer 4, its first PlayStation VR-compatible title, and today is plunging into new territory by developing several titles for the Nintendo Switch (Gear.Club Unlimited, Super Chariot…).

About Reeder Brand Management

Based in Los Angeles, Reeder Brand Management (RBM) is an entertainment licensing company that works on behalf of international brands to broker celebrity partnerships. RBM’s management division also exclusively represents iconic personalities including Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Chris Farley, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Bronson and others for advertising and merchandise licensing opportunities.

About Pendulo Studios

Founded in 1994 Pendulo Studios focused on the adventure game genre with the series Runaway in the early 2000s. Later on, they turned to the genre of interactive thriller and developed the Yesterday saga. Currently, they are also developing the video game adaptation of noir comic Blacksad.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 13:51
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