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New Updates to The Black Death Available Now

Green Man Gaming Publishing and Small Impact Games announced earlier this morning the release of brand new features and improvements for the medieval survival game, The Black Death. The update is out with unlocked content for all users who bought the game before the 17th.

A new system is introduced in this update called The Bounty System.

It allows players the chance to live like an outlaw, robbing and murdering to make a living. But like any good outlaw, there’s a bounty for your head, so be careful who you trust.

Along with The Bounty System, a new profession is included in the update.

The Beggar Profession excels at making small trinkets, and has the ability to beg for gold, which allows other players to toss gold your way. They also have improved resistance to the plague which makes living in a less sanitary environment at least doable.

Some of the smaller new features include a brand new fort in the northern crags, enhanced combat, nicer looking UI, and the addition of snow and rain. The game developers also included the player community named pub, The Scummy Sturgeon. The pub offers a nice chance to spend your time drinking and mourning over the one that got away.

The end goal of the game is the same: survive against the Black Death itself. Explore the castles and ports in the world of Mercia, while trying to outlast the plague that is slowly taking over the land.

The Black Death opened its early access on April 19th of this year and Small Impact Games has worked to improve the quality of the game based on community feedback. Fans continue to shape the future of the game, and hopefully the new update will add to their experience. The game is available for purchase at Green Man Gaming, Steam, and Humble Store for limited time 15% discount.

James Peterson
Written by
Monday, 11 July 2016 00:00
Published in Straight from the Devs

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