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It’s-a-me, Mario!

This guest post is provided as sponsored content by Kaya Johnson.

It’s-a-me, Mario!

He captured our hearts and minds since he was 8-bits of pixel jumping across abstract floating platforms, smashing similarly-floating bricks with his gloved hands. Mario (Mario Mario, to be precise) is one of the most iconic figures of anything in the world – not just gaming. Even the adorable electric-mouse Pikachu has to step aside when it comes to global renown. Mario has been on the forefront of gaming not just historically, since the roughly thirty years ago, when gaming-zoa were crawling out of Atari caves, but also critically; Mario titles have been some of the most well received videos games of all time. (Spoiler alert: the other franchise, Zelda, is designed by the same mastermind: Miyamoto Shigeru).

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle continues the lineage of quality delivery. Currently, the title boasts an 85% on Metacritic, enjoying a warm reception from fans and critics, alike. The major areas that most of the reviews are commending are the graphics, the soundtrack and the depth of gameplay, although the technical aspect of the performance received some form of criticism by these lots. However, technical issues notwithstanding, the title succeeds in its broad, captivating appeal; the replayability and amplifying gameplay of Mario + Rabbids is not unlike that of one of the best casinos to play slots online win real money.

Besides using laser guns to blast your way through levels, there’s also the possibility of exploring some other realms outside the battle in each world, which actually play much like the free spins slots no deposit that we feature on our website. These other areas outside of the battle zone involve puzzles or the acquisition of some special abilities that will help them cope with the new environment. Like the slots, when the puzzle is completed successfully, the player is rewarded with coins that open a chest with a lot of items in it.  These items could be used to perform better during battles, or saved for later.

With successful titles built off of solid gameplay mechanics, will there ever come another figure to dethrone the Italian plumber? Many have tried – Sonic, Crash, Ray-man – but looking back on it now, that list reads more like a stroll down memory lane than an actual competition. Those that have found success have done so by avoiding the jumping hero altogether: Link focuses on adventure, Master Chief focuses on shootin’ stuff, WoW focuses on… well, being WoW. But, perhaps the day might come, yet. Until then, the view from the parapets of the Mushroom Kingdom castle isn’t so bad.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017 08:33
Published in Editorial
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