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Yes, Your Grace Preview

Edited by: Jade Swann

Have you ever considered what life must be like as royalty? Lucky for you, developer Brave at Night anticipated that need and plans on releasing the title Yes, Your Grace in early 2020 to meet your desire to starve peasants, marry off your daughter to another kingdom, and go to war… probably.

Although the release is a bit of a ways off at this point, the playable demo offers a glimpse into the royal world that is being prepared for us. Though limited to an hour of what the full release will include, I am here to tell you that it is a grim world these kings live in.

Yes, Your Grace puts the crown on your head as the weary King Eryk, whose kingdom is struggling to stay relevant as it slowly goes poor. Described as a “kingdom management” RPG, your daily duties as king involve sitting on your throne as waves of peasants, neighboring royalty, and random generals describe issues that need resolutions within your kingdom. Outside of the random people seeking an audience with the King, the family is at odds with each other for various reasons as well. Whether you are trying to get your daughters to stop picking on each other or reassuring your wife that there will definitely not be a requirement to fulfill a decades-old promise to a neighboring threat, a king's work is never done.

Within Yes, Your Grace, it is not as easy as simply making decisions to see where the game progresses, as your ability to solve these problems are tempered by the resources at your disposal. These resources are gold, grain, military, and entertainment/happiness, and every choice you make has the potential to positively impact the other resources, or simply be a bad decision that comes back to bite you. This gets tedious and often feels like no matter what decision you make, it will ultimately have the same outcome. Upon multiple playthroughs, with different strategies, the end result was the same. 

My hope is that this is simply because it was a demo environment that encouraged a scripted experience, but that will not be known until the final release.

The Verdict

With landscapes and character models lovingly rendered in pixel-graphic style and a storyline that evokes parallels to the most popular medieval stories throughout history, the passion put into developing Yes, Your Grace is obvious. The hope would be that, upon release, that passion remains clear without compromising the flexibility of playstyle.

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Alex Mickle
Written by
Thursday, 30 January 2020 03:10
Published in Editorial



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Alex Mickle is a gamer that traces his roots to JRPG’s on the PS1, but ultimately found his way to PC gaming by spending every afternoon after school playing Counterstrike at a local LAN gaming café. He is a father and husband that splits his gaming time into bursts whenever he can find time, or when ever he makes time. Alex enjoys variance and versatility in his gaming experiences and can be found asleep on the couch with a twitch steam on the television at the end of almost every night.

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