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Mindseize Review

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MindSeize had a lot of potential (if the opening line of my review doesn't tell you my opinion, then I think you might want to read a little more closely). Had potential, as in I was expecting more, but got less. Working within the metroidvania genre is difficult. We see examples of that all the time, but this game felt like it would be different. It held a promising summary and really got me excited to play. I went into it with an open mind and came out feeling like I played a buggy version of Avatar.


The plot of MindSeize is a little overplayed; more than a little, actually. A fight with The Ascended (the main villain) at the start of the game leaves your character severely injured and using a wheelchair. As a final gut punch, The Ascended also "seizes" the mind of your daughter. What's a father to do? Oh yes, put his consciousness into a robot (or MAG, as it's known). As the game continues, you get to upgrade your MAG with special abilities, anything from jumping to jet-thrust powers (which just reminded me of Iron Man). You also get to upgrade your weapons. You can't save the world with a simple blaster (even though Han Solo might disagree with that statement).


The background graphics of this 2D futuristic world are excellent. There's jungles, cities, and even outer space, and they all rocked my world. Even the cutscenes were amazing, and those were in comic-style. Graphics are not this game's problem. I loved the graphics! The game itself is forgettable. There's the basic plotline of freeing your daughter's mind and conquering The Ascended, but otherwise, the enemies and details are bland. I was expecting more than the general looking aliens of games past.


Like previously mentioned, this title felt like a bugged out version of Avatar. The bugs mainly came from walls and items that should be easy to destroy, but ended up being indestructible. There were also some platforming issues that did nothing to help me move along in the game. I know others also experienced problems after the final boss battle (thankfully, I didn't have that issue). Updates have been made that fixed some of the bugs I encountered, but there were updates that went out after I had finished the game, so I can't speak to what the status is now.


The Verdict: Flawed

If you're super into metroidvania games, or even just into 2D games, you should give this a go. Even with the bugs present, you can still play the title, there is just a lot of doubling back. I personally wouldn't give this game another go-round because I feel like the storyline is played out and it isn't what I would consider a challenging game. To take you back to the beginning, MindSeize had a lot of potential, but disappointed me to the point of not caring about the characters and, as we all know, if you're not invested in the characters, you're probably not a fan of the game.

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