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Half Past Fate Review

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Half Past Fate is full time fun! I was a little worried getting into a game like Half Past Fate because I thought it was all going to romance and no actual storyline. Thankfully, the good folks at Serenity Forge and Way Down Deep were able to bridge the girliness associated with a love story with the detective skills you need to actually solve the game. If I had to pick one thing to complain about it would be that they use 12 words when six could convey the sentence.  


This game switches gears frequently; you are literally playing several people who are trying to accomplish several different things. You jump from being one person, during one timeframe, then the chapter ends and now you’re a different person with a different purpose at a different time. It all comes together in the end, but it does get a little bit confusing remembering what timeframe you’re in. The characters all end up being involved in one way or another, but until the “Now” chapter it’s kind of hard to keep track of who knows who.   


Something Serenity Forge and Way Down Deep did well was incorporating the Japanese culture without it being over the top. A major plot point is a tea festival. There’s a lot of different booths that give you a lot of information about tea and I learned several things about tea that I didn’t know before. For insistence matcha tea is actually young tea leaves that have been ground up into a bright green powder and, instead of steeping the leaves, you use the powder to make the tea and drink everything together. I had no clue that was what matcha tea was. They educate without making you feel like a child.  


The game revolves around several people, but its ultimate storyline involves three different couples finding romance. Riden and Mara, Ana and Jaren, and, my favorite, Bia and Milo. You get to be every person at one point or another, but it is a storyline that has a clear plot. Yes, you do get to make your own choices (like who to speak to and what you want to talk about) while trying to figure out what to do next) but it wasn’t as “choose your own adventure” as I thought it would be. I was expecting to be able to choose between Page 105, or Page 63 . No matter how many times you talk to someone, you’re going to reach the fated ending. I guess that’s why it’s called Half Past Fate. There is a fated destiny, you just get to go along for the ride.  


The Verdict: Excellent

Half Past Fate is really fun. It has a consistent plotline, several love stories, and a fair bit of information about tea. Pair all of that with the Animal House ending (where they tell you what happens to everyone) makes for some great gameplay. I would definitely recommend this game to any gamer girls because let’s face it, this game was designed for the female player. I know there are males out there that will play this and like it, but overall, it’s the female player that will get the most out of this game. I feel so stereotypical saying this, but the ultimate storyline is one of love, which we can agree on is more of a girl’s cup of tea. Hey, look! The game brought us back to tea again!

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