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Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood

What makes a game a good joke?

Yes, comedy is a matter of taste. Some find Goat Simulator charming and hilarious, and some just won’t get it. Mediocrity in all facets other than the gag itself can push some back while others won’t care...

Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC Releases August 2

Layers of Fear: Inheritance launches on Aug. 2, 2016 for Steam for $4.99 (USD). Expanding on the original story, players will get to experience an entirely new narrative.

Everhart - Knights of the Road Update

Reto-Moto’s popular WWII MMOFPS Heroes & Generals is letting players drive classic WWII trucks in their latest update: Everhart - Knights of the Road. The update gets its name from American soldier Forrest Eugene Everhart, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading his platoon in defending against the counterattack of a numerically superior German force in 1944.

Throwback Thursday: Zoo Tycoon

I remember once when I was little I thought I liked roller coasters. We were visiting family in Uruguay (I’m actually half-hispanic though I look and act completely White) and I wanted to ride a nearby roller coaster. I don’t have many specific memories of the incident, but what I do remember is a strong impression that has stayed with me to this day: I don’t find roller coasters too pleasant.