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Steam or Die

Steam is a beautiful money-making machine for developers and a riveting entertainment hub for customers. However, this machine can also break down, as is the case when small indie devs place their hopes in the exposure they get during early access and the feedback they get from their player community. Commonly, they don’t have a large marketing budget. Thus, their buoyant spirit is sunk by pushy critics who expect finished games or by customers who look for honest reviews and get mostly trolling or fake testimonials.

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3 Preview - For the Emperor!

In the far future of the 41st millennium there is only war, but in the near future of April 27, 2017 there is Dawn of War 3. The beloved big, medium, and small scale strategies set in Games Workshop's setting comes back after several years of waiting. What does the third installment of Relic's franchise is going to bring us? Let's find out.

Top 8 Geekiest Valentine's Day Gifts

When both of you are geeks finding the right things may be a little bit hard, what with the steadily growing number of shops catering to all of the geeky needs, the ever-growing number of new fandoms, and the sheer number of cool and geeky things outside of pop culture.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only Review

The Anime style of Criminal Girls: Invite Only may be great, but it isn't enough to consider the Steam release a worthy purchase. A video game should always be fun to play; sadly, too many oddities plague this one's progression and inhibit the strategic aspects that turned-based RPGs rely on to be considered good games.