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Hugo Nuñez

As a vet of the Console Wars during the 90s he was on the front lines in the trenches as the war raged on into the early 2000s. He witnessed the fall of SEGA, the rise of the Playstation, the birth of XBOX and the evolution from Pixels to VR today. Now he uses his spare time to game, hike, stay healthy, and learning the programs needed to make his own first game. Because he wants everyone to enjoy their time gaming, he writes reviews that let gamers know if their hard earned cash is being put to good use. All reviews are also written in hopes it helps the developers improve their future games. Favorite games include Persona 4, Rise of Nations, Katamari Damacy, the Saints Row franchise, FFX, and Rocket League among others. If you can't get enough of Hugo, check him out at

Thursday, 25 August 2016 00:00

Super Markup Man Review

Hands-on learners will enjoy Super Markup Man. If you're the type and are looking for a fun approach to web development, then don't think twice and go for it. Super Markup Man will teach you the building blocks, with an emphasis on fun.

This is a fun title overall with fast frenetic gameplay (especially if you have buddies over), it is easy to pick up and play, and with more unlockables on the horizon there should be more content to keep players coming back. If it can deliver on all of its promises I will no longer need to be playing my emulator anymore.