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Johnathan Vance

Johnathan Vance

Johnathan only cares about one thing: When is the next Elder Scrolls coming out? Everything else is just something to do while he waits. An avid gamer and obsessively passionate writer, Johnathan can often be found being a filthy Gold League of Legends player and typing in all chat. When he isn’t playing Elder Scrolls games, League of Legends, or downing a whole pizza, he is writing to The Behemoth to convince them to make Castle Crashers 2. There, he is known on a first name basis.

Author of: Experience Points: A Gamer’s Guide to Leveling Up in Life

Be gentle, Senpai, and have a great morning.

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Early Access Review

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon is another shameless AdVenture Capitalist clone that seeks to rob the 3:10 train to your wallet. With its The Jetsons meets The Incredibles art style and addictive clicker charm, you just might let it.