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Jonathan Chagnon

Jonathan Chagnon

Jonathan is a writer at heart, with video games and reading being his main hobbies. Ever since elementary school, he had a passion for writing and books in general. His first video game console was a secondhand SNES from a yard sale. After that he was hooked in by friends and currently plays the most popular genre, the MOBA. Yet his favorites are still single-player games like Batman:Arkham Asylum, Half-Life 2, Pokemon Emerald and Portal 2.

HACK_IT Review

HACK_IT presents players with a fully immersive hacking experience, you’ll meet characters and find out things you never imagined. Including interactive apps that will give you the power to shutdown servers and retrieve passwords.

HTC Vive and VR, in General

I fully expect Valve to create more virtual reality support within their popular titles, much like making Team Fortress 2 compatible when the Oculus Rift came out, and the virtual reality Spectator Mode for Dota 2, teased recently with the Vive release.