Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson is a coffee loving 911 paramedic turned digital nomad. Coding, writing, and creating content from anywhere and everywhere. She has an intense love for tech, gaming, and IOT. You will find Lisa playing Quake III Arena into the late hours of the night, or trying out current RPG’s, shooters, and ‘anything else cool’ on Steam. When she is not doing the student things (computer science) or the tech things you can find her building and flying quadcopters with her boyfriend, lifting weights, or competing in boxing. Follow Lisa and her adventures on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

Monday, 19 February 2018 10:00

The Station Review

Those looking for alien carnage may want to orbit on past it but fans of sci-fi exploration in space will find in The Station an “out of this world’ experience.  Puzzles and mysteries in an atmospheric setting with an intriguing storyline that delivers, it’s the kind that does not give away goodies from the start. For the patient explorer, a real treat.

Monday, 15 January 2018 04:16

High Hell Review

If you’ve ever pictured yourself fighting corruption with an arsenal of shotguns in a loopy environment that’s reminiscent of a NyQuil hallucination, then High Hell is for you.  Fast paced, sick beats, shiny graphics, unlimited ammo, arcade style shooter… need I say more?