Richard Jervis

Richard Jervis

Hailing from the sunny British Isles, Richard has been a gamer for so long some speculate he had a PC hidden in his mother's womb. He is an avid believer in 'Hardcore gaming' and quotes 'A game that cannot kill me is not a game!'. He primarily plays strategy and 4X style games but has made appearances in the end games of most MMOs, including WoW and EVE Online. His hobbies used to included various martial arts and reading, however he is not allowed hobbies anymore since joining the OPN team as he is in the basement, buried in spreadsheets and logistics work.

Friday, 27 May 2016 00:00

Linkrealms Early Access Review

The gameplay hits the mark, and the content at this stage is more than adequate. Please carry this work on, and I hope to spend many a month PKing and being PK’d on this game alongside all the UO veterans. Though I’d like to see some tweaks, primarily to UI, I have to award a solid 8, and a mention how Linkrealms has a hand on the ledge of 9.

Saturday, 21 May 2016 00:00

Duskers Review

Duskers is a tactical roguelike survival game set in the depths of a universe almost devoid of life. Produced by a small indie studio, Misfits Attic, it is their second commercially released title and was funded by the support of a variety of very generous and helpful indie devs and the good folks of Indie Fund. It just goes to show that indie developers stick together, and it’s about producing games they enjoy, not milking the customer for their monies!