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Shane Lynn

Shane Lynn

Shane's earliest memory of gaming was playing Contra on the original NES. Since then he has found a love for PC gaming, Pen and Paper Role playing, and Board games. His strongest passions are in the realms of fantasy and science fiction where he has developed countless worlds, stories, table top gaming systems, and an original board game. Outside of gaming, he'll be found dancing with crystals and talking with glowing nature spirits in his backyard.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander Early Access Review

Extraordinarily put together and well thought out. This beta release captivates and draws you into its world. With further tweaks, this game will quickly become a staple in both RPG and Sci Fi enthusiasts alike.

The Fall of Space Empires

Sandbox MMO and Space Ship Combat Game, EVE Online, experiences largest war to date. After successfully resisting a major coalition led invasion, the small band of pirate alliances known as Low-Sec Voltron showed the galaxy of New Eden that the seemingly invincible invading entity called The Imperium could actually be stopped, and with relative ease.

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