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MEMORIES OF MARS Early Access Review

MoM is a PvP game and does not currently allow for PvE or custom server play. Instead, it provides an unforgiving environment for the player to struggle through. This title is, as mentioned, in early access. It certainly feels that way at the moment, despite showing some great potential.

The Beauty of Mars

While Mars is known for its harsh, sandy landscapes, this game somehow manages to make them look beautiful. Although there isn’t too much going on in the decent-sized map, the sheer beauty of the game disguises that — for a time at least.

After a while the limited content on the map does make the game feel a little repetitive but not to the point where it’s unpleasant to play. In fact, the opposite is true. While the enemies (both human and otherwise) are a little overpowered and can end a player’s life in just a few moments, the difficulty presents as a challenge, rather than just plain unfairness.

Bugs, Creepers, and Potential

At the moment, MoM is far from bug-free. Especially when it comes to animations, there is still a lot of work to be done. The game receives regular updates though, making it look like a very promising title. The developers are very open about their update plans and future features, which is a big benefit for the game.

Speaking of promising, the gameplay itself offers a variety of activities. From hunting for resources to building bases and scavenging abandoned buildings, there is a lot to do. Especially in the beginning, scavenging can feel like an annoying grind, at least until the player is able to craft better tools. Base-building is a joy, though, with very nice options and an interesting stability mechanic that forces the user to be clever about building instead of wasting resources.

The Community

As with any multiplayer title, the community of players is an important aspect. At the moment, with relatively few early access players, there is still some room for development. The game doesn’t offer any protection against campers or more advanced players ganging up on others. This can feel frustrating incredibly quickly.

Another major downside is the use of Flops, the in-game currency. They are used both to maintain bases and to advance to new kinds of technology. This is a big issue, as maintaining even a small base can cost a lot, making it difficult to advance to new tiers of materials and options.

Even worse, the fact that Flops are needed to maintain bases means that if a player doesn’t play for even a day or two, there is a good chance their base will expire due to lack of Flops, allowing other players to take everything in the base, and even the walls and building materials used to construct it.

A New Appreciation for Tutorials

At the moment, there is no real tutorial or introduction when starting the game. For new players, this likely leads to several deaths before they can figure out enough to get around to actually playing the game. That, combined with the lack of storyline, contributes to the early access feel that the title gives off at this stage of development.

The developers have promised several additions, including a PvE mode and custom servers, which, coupled with the regular bug-fixes and updates, makes me hope for the best with this title. At the moment, players do have to deal with a few issues, but the beauty and potential of the game are worth it.


The Verdict: Good

MEMORIES OF MARS is definitely still an early access title but one with decent content that (judging by the passion and transparency of the developers) has great potential. While several key areas still need polishing and improving, fans of survival or space exploration games would do well to Wishlist, if not buy, the game.

Mel Hawthorne
Written by
Tuesday, 26 June 2018 09:00
Published in FPS



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Mel is a London-based copywriter that has been writing about video games for a few years now. After growing up in Vienna, Austria she followed her dreams and moved to London. Said dreams took her through a few different jobs (which included working as a web developer, shopkeeper and translator) before she settled on what she really wanted to do – periodically anger video game fans by expressing her opinions on games through various online publications. When she’s not writing about video games, she’s probably playing them... or walking her dog in a park. Since that depends largely on the English weather, Mel has plenty of time to indulge in her favourite games. These include but are not limited to Ark: Survival Evolved, Skyrim, GTA V, and oddly enough, Amnesia: Memories. She loves Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. She thinks Star Trek is way better than Star Wars and isn’t afraid to admit it – Live long and prosper!

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