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Shroud of the Avatar Final Player Data Wipe July 28th

Shroud of the Avatar Final Player Data Wipe July 28th

The crowd funded MMORPG game Shroud of the Avatar will be wiping its servers clean on the 28th, allowing for players to claim uncharted land. Backers of the game will get their chance to lay claim on any plot of land they can find.

Known as being the second most crowd funded game ever, Shroud of the Avatar is a fantasy MMORPG made by the creators of the popular Utlima series of fantasy role playing games. Set in a classic medieval fantasy world, players can explore not only the immense multiplayer modes but also the 40 hour long single player campaign. Customization plays a big part in the adventure as players search for better loot. Even the economy of the game is player driven, making for an immersive experience.

While the support for continues to grow, Shroud of the Avatar will still remain in Early Access after the player data wipe. This will allow continued open development which makes backer feedback much more important.

Creative Director of Shroud of the Avatar Richard Garriott expects a massive land rush once the servers open again. “Similar to the Oklahoma land rush of the late 19th century, our players will be able to venture out, plop down their house deeds and claim their property in Shroud of the Avatar for good. This will be the beginning of true persistence in the world. Expect the best properties such as great vistas and overlooks, strategic locales and waterfront real estate to go first. And expect some maneuvering between now and the end of the data wipe as higher level backers will get the first choices.”

The live player wipe start at midnight Central Daylight Time on Wednesday, July 27th and the game will be turned back on at 9:30 AM on July 28th.

James Peterson
Written by
Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:00
Published in Straight from the Devs

After spending over eight years in the land of the rising sun, James Peterson returned to his origin of birth in America. There he receives further schooling in the field of Japanese and journalism. He enjoys spending his free time exploring Hyrule field and eating sandviches. James aspires to become the best game journalist he can be. "As long as you keep pedaling, you'll be guided to where you need to go."

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