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Among the Sleep Retail Release

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If you've ever been afraid of what goes bump in the night, Krillbrite Studio's Among the Sleep teaches you how to conquer that fear. The award-winning horror adventure game brings to life the journey of a toddler trying to turn their home back to normal.

The first-person adventure game released virtually back in 2014 when it received awards for Best Artistic Achievement and Most Creative Game. Dutch Publisher SOEDESCO is now teaming up with the game's producer Krillbite Studio in order to release retail copies all around the world.

Most horror games feature the main character as a teenage girl or some deadbeat reporter. Among the Sleep, however, breaks away from the norm and effectively puts the player into the mind of a young child.

Among the Sleep takes place during a dark, creepy night. You wake up in the middle of the night after hearing some scary sounds and escape from your room. You search for your mother, but she is nowhere to be found. Instead, you find a talking teddy bear that warns you about the dangers of the house. He tells you that something is not right and that you must find out what is wrong.

Solve puzzles, crawl away from danger, and hug your teddy tight as you try to survive the night. With immersive, creepy sounds coming from around the house, you'll feel as helpless as a two-year-old. Don't worry, though, your friend will always be by your side. But beware: two monsters follow you around the warped house, trying to hurt you and Teddy. Hide from them, and solve the mystery behind the scary home.

The puzzles range in difficulty from simple to complicated. One obstacle could be moving an object out of the way, while a harder one might involve trying to find the real exit. No matter what area you are in, though, there is always a sense of "I'm in trouble" with each puzzle.

The Guardian gives it an 8/10, saying, "Among the Sleep deserves a great deal of credit for its story." And Eurogamer praises its unique perspective of the genre: "Its depiction of a first-person horror told through the eyes and stumbling little legs of a two-year-old is as intriguing as anything I've seen all year".

Fans of horror games enjoy the new perspective, and each new scare makes them want to hug their own special friend. They love the attention to sound and visuals and found the story of the game relatable. The game plays with your emotions by using all of these elements.

For those who want to scare themselves sleepless, I recommend playing through the game alone and late into the night.

With heart-pounding scares and spine-chilling sounds, Among the Sleep promises you will wish your own mother was there to comfort you. I may or may not have called my own mother afterwards.

Physical copies of Among the Sleep release in Europe on July 15th, with a North American release coming on July 26th. It will be available for both PC and Playstation 4. To learn more about Among the Sleep, follow the link.

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