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Dead by Daylight - Curtain Call Chapter

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In celebration of Dead by Daylight’s two-year anniversary and the feat of surpassing over 4 million copies sold across all platforms, Behaviour Interactive released the newest DLC — Curtain Call.

Curtain Call brings a new killer, survivor, map, and even some updates to the in-game economy. Pick your poison between playing as The Clown, also known as Kenneth "Jeffrey Hawk" Chase, or Kate Denson, the newest Survivor. As The Clown, you use your trusty The Afterpiece Tonic to intoxicate and capture your enemies. He is an intermediate-rated killer to learn due to the time it will take to use his skills effectively. Or you can test your fate playing as Kate Denson, the newest Survivor. Kate is an easy-rated Survivor based on the time it takes to master her unique skills.

As a player, you can now buy or earn new content, unlocking new skins and characters by earning Iridescent Shards with the new player leveling system.

The Verdict

The addition of the new killer and survivor is timely and exciting, adding more options to players. Furthermore, unlocking the abilities and items from the store without having to purchase them is one of the most significant improvements of Curtain Call.

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