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Dead by Deadlight: Because I Absolutely Love This Game

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Can it hear us? Jesus Christ my heart is pumping so hard, I feel like I might have a heart attack.

Dead by Daylight is terrifying. An asymmetrical cooperative experience for all players to enjoy, and, well... fear. Created by Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight has already seen sales just shy of 300,000. The company has already made its money back for Dead by Daylight and with its great success players will see a new title from Behaviour sooner than later. What is it about horror that gets people attached to the genre, both game and cinema? I think that it's the thrill that has been removed or turned into a trope, until Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight’s asymmetrical gameplay has grabbed the attention of tons of players and has risen to the top of the watched channels on Twitch with just shy of 12 million views. This game is addictive and already has a fan following, its Twitch is that proof. Gamers have been fans of the horror genre but being able to play the killer and take on that persona isn't something that is often seen. There have been titles such as Dead Space 2, wherein the online mode you play human vs. aliens, but even that doesn't touch on what Dead by Daylight has been able to bring forth. Behaviour Interactive’s approach to Dead by Daylight was to be as immersive with the player vs. serial killer idea and they have pulled it off. There is a balance to survivor and killers abilities that makes it difficult on both sides to complete the stage. The serial killers that can be chosen each have different abilities. The survivors gain abilities after playing and earning victory points to unlock additional skills that aid your survivor in escaping.

No weapons are given or found during Dead by Daylight.

As a survivor, you have to keep your wits about you and keeping moving as the killer searches for you. I don't see this ever in horror games. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a great example of a horror/survival title within the genre that gives no weapons or real clues to the gameplay and plot. You are expected to click the mouse and move forward because staying in each room or corridor is just as scary as entering a new one. Developers taking away vital tools like weapons forces the player to think of other methods to complete stages, such as utilizing the area where they are located or even just knowing when it the appropriate time to run away. Behaviour Interactive took the best aspects of the genre and applied them to Dead by Daylight making this title distinctive amongst others released recently.

Dead by Daylight is an incredible game that people are paying attention to and playing frequently. The asymmetrical gameplay is done completely correctly which adds greatly to the title as a whole. Many titles across many genres have attempted the asymmetrical gameplay, and those titles have not been nearly as successful as Dead by Daylight. Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios tried at the same style of gameplay but eventually failed as the there was not a strong enough fan following to keep it going. While playing Evolve, I felt as though the monster was always more powerful than the four hunters following it. Even with the hunters having upgraded weapons and abilities, the win usually went to the creature that they were facing. To that same point, playing as the monster wasn't the least bit challenging or entertaining. You as the monster could just win without having to put forth too much effort. Dead by Daylight is the exact opposite, which may have to do with horror/survival being its genre. Playing as either the survivor or serial killer is fun and exciting. Both sides are balanced and there are challenges that provide incentive to each round.

Behaviour Interactive has overdone itself with giving us Dead by Daylight. Every time I play my heart pumps and I feel the thrill of being scared or frightened.

Playing with or against friends is always a fun time that never leads to any argument, just your friends swearing loudly in your headphones as you slay them one by one and taunt them the entire round. There are not a lot of co-op horror games out there that bring forth the same great elements that Dead by Daylight has been able to offer. Everyone should at the very least give Dead by Daylight a try if you have the availability to do so. You will be scared, frightened, thrilled, excited, and have other sudden emotional changes as you are hounded down by randoms serial killers online. Enjoy.

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