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Editors’ Choice: Top 3 Simulation Games on PC

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Have you ever thought about acquiring a new profession or changing your hobby in a video game format? A wide variety of simulators are released every year. What are the best ones that are available for PC? Check these Top 3 Simulation Games on PC prepared for you.

Cities: Skylines for Building a Powerful Empire

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

An urban planning simulator is a captivating genre. You’ll become a virtual mayor whose main task is to build a prosperous city. The land is represented by several types of maps to choose from. There are not too many of them yet, but if you wish, you can draw your own. The initial accessible area is small, but in the process of development, you can buy more new cells constantly expanding the territory of the city. The game starts with the building of roads and placement of residential, commercial, industrial, and office areas. Some hints will teach you how to use the instruments provided to the mayor. Communications is a very important part of the gameplay. A bad engineering solution can easily ruin the entire population.

Users can see the information on the satisfaction of residents in general, determine the level of education and healthcare of the population, get acquainted with data on crime in the city and even request a demographic summary.

On the whole, Cities: Skylines can boast the diverse content: lively, changing city, difficult financial management, cute urban twitter, and colorful, detailed graphics.

Assetto Corsa: An Unforgettable Driving for Smart Racers

Publisher: 505 Games

Italy is not just a motherland of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Welcome to the sports cars world of Assetto Corsa, a fabulous racing game by Kunos Simulazioni. Like other similar games, it has a career mode, online racing, photo mode, difficulty settings, and even support for the Xbox 360 gamepad. Assetto Corsa works best with a good Racing steering wheel with a rotation angle of 900 degrees such as Logitech G27 or Thrustmaster T500RS. As for the gameplay, vehicles are realistic and intuitive, and it is easy to learn how to control them. It's even harder and more interesting than Gran Turismo 6. Any of almost forty cars are unique, and each of them can be mastered all day.

In the game, you will find thirteen car brands including several Ferraris, BMWs, McLaren, Mercedes, and one RUF Yellowbird, an absolutely crazy tuning version of Porsche. Now the developers are working on new cars, tracks, and game engine. Although Assetto Corso gives place to Gran Turismo in terms of cars, tracks, and modes, it’s one of the best things that have happened to computer racing in the last few years.

Elite: Dangerous for Space Lovers

Publisher: Frontier Developments

Dynamic light from the stars, the galaxy, and the most beautiful ship models will take you far away from the Earth. The gameplay of Elite-Dangerous is divided into 3 sections: battles, trade, and research.

For each of them, you will find special ships and equipment. The battles include shooting pirates, piracy, participation in civil wars and confrontations with evil aliens. In Research mode, you can fly to distant scopes, scan the unknown planets and sell data about them in the inhabited space. You can also choose combat, trading and universal space shuttles.

Once you come to this universe, you will stay here for long. Users love the game for thousands of details in the simulation of ships and space, flexible multiplayer and endless opportunities for development.

Why not try to become a racer, a mayor or a space explorer? All these games will take you to another reality with excellent graphics, interesting gameplay, and user-friendly interface.

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