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Paris Games Week: OPN Meets Goblinz Studio

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The development team of Goblinz Studio, founded by Johann Verbroucht, met with OPnoobs at the Paris Games Week and presented us with their new title, Robothorium: a futuristic, turn-based, tactical RPG where you run robots with several various skill trees — it’s up to the player to choose the one that suits him or her the best. Campaign mode and PvP are also present.

Composed of members originally from eastern France, Strasbourg, and Luxembourg, Goblinz Studio began its adventure into interactive entertainment with a debut opus dubbed Dungeon Rushers, a tactical-RPG based on humor and simple mechanics.

From this first experience came the idea of ​​developing Robothorium, circa March 2016.

Quentin Lapeyre, game and narrative designer at Goblinz Studio, tells us more.

"(Robothorium is) a futuristic, tactical-RPG in which we embody ‘S.A.I.A.,’ a highly developed AI that leads a robotic revolution to free robots from human oppression. [Gameplay features] an exploration phase, with an interactable environment, and a combat phase that condenses all the elements of the tactical RPG recipes: skill, talent, theorycrafting, stats… (and) yes, there will be skins, craft, and loot."

The multiplayer mode is present and main-stage in Robothorium: "Robots are pitted against each other in 5-v-5 robot teams. Each (robot has) eight skills and it is necessary to choose four before each meeting, allowing a certain dynamism for each game played."

The usual roles (tank, heal, dps) are also available: "At the very heart of the roles, different types of skills are offered to players," says Quentin. “[The PvP is very present], with a system of rankings, seasons, skins in rewards."

All the assets of a good tactical-RPG will be available to players.

Goblinz Studio has only one desire — to test the game! "Robothorium will debut on Steam early 2018 — March, at the latest. [It will release] on PC at first, and then on mobile, Xbox One, PS4 and, we hope, on Switch."

Finally, early adopters have a chance to be a part of the development community: "[Developers are on a] Discord accessible by buying a key for Alpha and Beta."

Big thanks to Quentin Lapeyre and Johann Verbroucht for their time discussing this highly anticipated title of 2018.

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