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The Fall of Space Empires

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EVE Online, known for its robust player-driven economy, and entirely player-driven political system, is currently embroiled in its largest war to date.

After successfully resisting a major coalition led invasion, the small band of pirate alliances known as Low-Sec Voltron showed the galaxy of New Eden that the seemingly invincible invading entity called The Imperium could actually be stopped, and with relative ease.

Popular in-game gambling website within EVE Online,, noted the successes of Low-Sec Voltron and began bank rolling the new coalition and any deciding to join, in order to continue the attack into Imperium territory.

The Imperium, known by many names throughout its ten-year history, have generally been regarded as the “Bad Guys,” after players within the group became renowned for their tactical betrayals benefiting their ascent to power.

So it was of no surprise that the most prestigious alliances in the game rose to the challenge, joining Low-Sec Voltron, in forming the Money Badger Coalition (MBC).

With the entire galaxy watching and a near endless supply of resources funding the backs of the MBC, this newly formed super-coalition began their systematic invasion of Imperium space.

The first battle of the war brought in major numbers, 5,806 unique characters showed up for the two-hour battle (second largest in video game history), and broke an in-game record of most Player vs Player kills recorded in a single day.

The battle was over a staging system for the Imperium PvP alliance, Circle-of-Two. After a number of tactical victories won by MBC Fleet Commanders (including stealth bombers wiping out a fleet of Imperium battlecruisers before they fired a single shot), the Imperium forces eventually fell to the invaders. A key contributing factor to this downfall was the lack of adequate support from the ruling body of the Imperium, the Goonswarm Federation.

Once it became clear to the Circle-of-Two alliance that the Goonswarm Federation would not support them holding back the invaders, the recently conquered alliance flipped sides and joined the MBC.

Since then it has been blow after blow for the Imperium. Their historic capital system VFK was attacked, Goonswarm Federation numbers showed at this battle, temporarily preventing the invaders from conquering it for the month.

Those allied to the Imperium have not enjoyed such defensive victories, with four major allies losing 15+ systems each, wiping them off the map and forcing them into less valuable territory.

Time will tell how the Goonswarm Federation will hold up against the onslaught of the galaxy's most powerful space ships"

As of writing, the war is ongoing and the Goonswarm Federation allies under the banner of the Imperium have either been neutralized or defected. Time will tell how the Goonswarm Federation will hold up against the onslaught of the galaxy's most powerful space ships knocking at their door. Suffice it to say, the player created organization once thought to be invincible and unstoppable, has fallen quickly to the combined forces of New Eden and the deep pockets of notorious galactic casino owners.

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