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Running Gods Review

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Running Gods is a side-scrolling racing game developed by Midnight Games in which you play as 1 of 7 Greek Gods.

The point is to either beat your own time in solo-mode or beat your friends in multiplayer. Players have the option of using traps to slow down opponents, using lightning to stun, or ice to freeze.

Running Gods was meant to be a fun and exciting game played competitively and among friends, but unfortunately, the lackluster of its interface, its repetitive soundtrack, and the unimpressive scenery, altogether leave much to be desired.

To start off

Running Gods has, I found, very basic controls. A small production translated into a straightforward coop game, and that would be fine, weren't there unexplainable discrepancies between solo and multiplayer modes. Competing against a computer should not limit the number of tricks at one's fingertips, and beating your own time should be more than dashing and jumping. At the risk of sounding harsh, it gets boring, fast.

Then are the issues with obstacles. Focusing on your character is as important as it tires the eyes, and the strain gets worse when targeting coins and spikes. The color scheme doesn't help, especially the gray for spikes. At times it's hard to discern them, making the game unnecessarily difficult. Running Gods is also unforgiving. You die the moment you get hit. To some, that will be a feature; to me, it was too hard. I would have preferred items that help out along the way, allowing, for example, you to survive one hit. There are many types of gamers out there, and many of us do enjoy rushing through levels.

Last but not least are the world's bosses. The first comes when you complete the first world's levels. He's the World Boss. And the battle is, well, confusing. If you're like me, you'll die a few times, unable to beat him, and then you'll realize (spoiler alert) there's a shadow dashing ahead of you, and messing with it will do the trick. That's how you'll beat him. You'll run ahead of the shadow and jump over it. It might crash into you... (spoiler no more)

The funny part? I never managed to defeat the first boss!!!

Some little things I’m going to nitpick is the music, the scenery, and the commentator. They dampened the experience.

It's a problem when music is repetitive. The First World, obstacles, boss, and instant death combined, takes quite some time to clear. The same guitar rift heard 100+ times can, yes, get old. The scenery is repetitive and bland as well. Levels need variety in landscapes, something that makes it feel like we're traveling. As for the "wacky commentator," as he is named, only ever speaks when you die. Beyond that, “wacky” is synonym for silence. Oh. And his “you suck!,” feels rude.


The Verdict

I can tell that the developers worked hard, and I commend them for that, but unfortunately, Running Gods ultimately fails. Maybe if you have some friends and are looking for a cheap and relatively enjoyable game to play... Maybe.

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