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BlackFaith Early Access Review

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Horror game enthusiasts, many of whom still feel disappointed by the cancellation of Silent Hills and who feel the absence of other triple-A titles that can keep them on the edge of their seats in anticipation, are looking to the indie scene to meet their need for thrills and chills. BlackFaith claims to be just the thrill they’re looking for.

Developer JUBSTUDIO describes BlackFaith as a “Psychological/Survival horror/Adventure game based on [a] local horror stories podcast,” though exactly what podcast isn’t given. The game is still in Early Access, with the developer estimating another three to five months before the full release and subsequent DLC.

Beautifully creepy

In the meantime, the game offers a free-roam mode with plenty of places to explore. Like many games made with Unreal Engine, it has amazingly gorgeous graphics and scenery. The ruins look ancient and mysterious, while the grass being at eye level in certain places makes for a disorientating and tense atmosphere at night. You also hear things at night that make you feel as if you’re being watched.

Lack of information and slow resource harvesting

The instructions for survival aren’t completely clear. It’s hard to figure out exactly what you can get from the foliage and rock formations strewn throughout the level, even at the beginning. A knife might get you sticks and leaves (or maybe a banana), but only from a specific tree at a specific angle and only if your tools happen to connect with said object. This means that it takes an incredibly long time to craft even a basic base.

Unrelated content

The start menu can be off-putting, as it features artwork that depicts women who are simply labeled “Girl 01 rare,” “Girl 02,” etc., all in various poses with props, each available for a price. These “cards” aren’t related to the game in any way but are a means of donating to support the developers.


The Verdict: Fair

In its current form, BlackFaith is a simple yet beautiful sandbox/survival building game at its core. With some mild horror elements, bad integrations, and not much rhyme or reason to it as of yet, it still has a long way to go. Hopefully the full release will be a much more cohesive experience.

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