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Crumple Interview

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About Crumple, Straight from the Devs

Crumple - Episode 1 is FINISHED!

Yes, it took WAY longer than anticipated. Sorry! :(

But, this is our 1st game and we learned a lot about how to handle various technical barriers & so much more...than we really, really asked for. REALLY. Thankfully, we are stronger from this & can now move on forward!

We are now working with various marketplaces to make Crumple - Episode 1 available on as many platforms as possible. These platforms include: Humble Bundle (PC), GameJolt (PC), Steam (PC), Itch.IO (PC), Amazon Fire, Google Play (Android) & Xbox One Creators Program

DON'T FORGET: You can now PRE-ORDER Crumple -Episode 1 on Humble Bundle right HERE! The cost: $1


More updates soon!

About Nascent Games

Founded in January 2012, Nascent Games was created to establish a foothold within the Indie Game Development revolution!

This revolution created a huge opportunity for us to make the games we could've only ever wished for, from any other number of AAA studios, ourselves.


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Fred Brizzi

Fred is our loyal but certainly most undeserving Founder, President, & CEO (he’s just a big jerk). He started gaming with Alex Kidd on the Sega Master System and was brought by ID Software to the PC back in 1993, that glorious day DOOM hit the shelves. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and handsome boys, playing international relations by day but games by night. His aspirations, you ask? To leave the elephants and the donkeys at their zoo, strap himself down for the magic carpet ride, and ride the bustling escapade that is PC gaming 100% of the time. In fact, when he's not working for OpNoobs, he's apologizing to his wife for OpNoobs. Fred also coined the expression “Consoles? Glorified Netflix players.” He really wanted us to put that in too. He’s like very proud of that.