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Lori May

Lori May

Lori is an avid video game enthusiast who enjoys blending her love of gaming with her work as a writer. She first cut her teeth back on the NES and Sega Genesis systems, and continues to be a Retro-gaming advocate with a soft spot for Point-&-Click Adventures. She's also a Survival Horror and Psychological Horror game collector, when she isn't coercing friends into any number of Co-Op multiplayer titles. If she isn't gaming you can find her working as a journalist and social media consultant, or perhaps dabbling in video game design among other hobby-with-big-dreams endeavors. Born in the heart of the Midwest, she's currently living in Colorado, where she prefers to avoid skiing, snowboarding, and other Mile High City attractions.

The Technomancer Review

Technomancer is utterly fantastic, even if it does have a few minor kinks that need to be worked out. It's wicked fun with satisfying combat, and it offers a clever leveling build with full customization. With a decent story and a convincing landscape, what's more to enjoy than a post-apocalyptic world where options are plenty?

Firewatch Review

I definitely think this one is worth picking up on sale, even if I wouldn’t recommend it at the $19.99 USD price tag. If you can grab this under for a quarter of that price, or pick it up in an Indie Game Bundle somewhere, I absolutely would go for it. I don’t regret my decision to plunge into the world of Firewatch, I simply wish the resolution would have been far, far more satisfying; I feel this video game was one that hovered right on the cusp of being a spellbinding example of interactive, immersive storytelling, only to fall just short of the prize.

Room 404 Review

Unfortunately, due to a persistent and particularly nasty bug in the game, I was unable to complete Act 4 and the final chapter of Room 404. However, there have been numerous bug fixes since launch day, so I am hopeful that we can revisit Room 404 at a later date to see the conclusion of Alex’s quest to find his family.

The Solus Project Review

Released by Hourences and Grip Games on June 7th, 2016, The Solus Project is a surprisingly addictive, beautiful package of an Indie Adventure experience that I definitely enjoyed.

XCavalypse Early Access Review

XCavalypse is a clever, quirky blend of the popular Zombie Apocalypse theme with the Simulation genre, in which players must use heavy machinery to combat the plagued hordes rather than the usual arsenal of weapons. This opens up a whole array of additional destruction, from knocking down walls and buildings, to thrusting cars and dumpsters into the throng of opponents, all without becoming overly complex or demanding.

GiAnt Early Access Review

I really wanted to recommend GiAnts, but perhaps too much of my anticipation was thanks to my hours and hours spent as a tiny character in other gaming worlds, and that “bug’s eye view” perspective made me too optimistic. I’d have been a little more lenient with a lot of these issues, but I simply must say that it is better left avoided unless you really enjoy bug-based simulation platformers.

Back in 1995 Review

Back in 1995 is heavily inspired by video games of a bygone era, complete with low resolution models, “tank” movement controls, static camera angles, and a rudimentary inventory system. All of the components here are dated for the sake of a nostalgic trek into an important moment in gaming history, but does it deliver enough modern, original content to be worth playing in today’s sea of Action-Adventure titles?

Night Blights Review

Shriek-inducing, suspenseful, and cute. I certainly don’t regret the 3 hours it took me to get through the week; I actually think the difficulty scales really quickly, especially as you unlock access to more rooms, so please don’t let Monday Night disappoint you if it’s “too easy.” Besides, there’s just something nostalgic about running up the stairs, yelling at goblins not to hurt the baby, who I affectionately nicknamed Toby for my play-through.

Online Gaming: Valuable Tool For Long-Distance Connections?

In a world where technology has become so commonplace that many of us are reachable 24/7 – assuming we bother to answer those texts, of course – could we be taking for granted the invaluable tool of online gaming as a long-distance social interaction? With countless apps available on our cellphones, the popularity of Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, not to mention the success of hundreds of Steam-based multiplayer games, it’s obvious that many of us are using these digital platforms as a means of interacting with friends and strangers alike.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Review

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet has some of the best voice acting I have found in a point-&-click adventure. It’s extremely compelling, and arguably one of the best elements of this chapter in Nelly’s ongoing saga. There’s tremendous variety in the character voices, and the line delivery is witty and endearing – it’s certainly one of my favorite aspects of the The Fowl Fleet.

The Guest Review

The Guest is a “Room Escape” style puzzle game blended with an exploration walking simulator.

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