Mason Hattam

Mason Hattam

Mason has been a PC gamer for most of his life. Some of his earliest gaming memories are playing Myst and the original Diablo with his Dad. He’s a PVP addict and challenges you all to a duel. When he’s not enjoying his favorite games, he’s busy playing music with his friends and reading anything the internet can throw at him.

Monday, 16 January 2017 00:00

Frequent Flyer Review

Frequent Flyer is a game you can picture yourself shoving fistfuls of quarters into down at your local video arcade (if you're so fortunate to have one locally). The retro, 2-D graphics, waves of different enemies, and variety of fun weaponry are a throwback to a time when blowing things up and racking up points were all you needed to have a good time on a Saturday afternoon...

Wednesday, 05 October 2016 00:00

H1Z1: King of the Kill Early Access Review

If you’ve never played King of the Kill, there has never been a better time than now to try it out and see what the hype is all about. If you’ve played previously, then there’s plenty of new and improved features here for you try out.

Monday, 11 July 2016 00:00

Hiiro Review

In a nutshell, Hiiro is a game that achieves more by delivering less. Minimalistic gameplay mechanics take a backseat to exploration and discovery. It’s relaxed ambiance, seamless world, and mildly challenging puzzles make it a title where it doesn’t matter whether you beat the game. If you’re exploring Hiiro’s world, then you’ve already won.

Monday, 06 June 2016 00:00

Angus Hates Aliens Review

Satisfying gunplay, faithful throwback graphics, and a level of tactical depth make Angus Hates Aliens a successful retro shooter. If you’re itching to slaughter hordes of extraterrestrial enemies, then this game is exactly what you’re looking for - just don’t expect it to keep you occupied for more than a week.

Crowfall is a crowd-funded MMORPG currently being developed by Austin-based ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. The self-styled “Throne War Simulator” aims to break the mold established by more traditional theme-park style MMOs like World of Warcraft. To get there, Crowfall promises to deliver a host of novel game mechanics that will make it “a very different flavor of MMO.”