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PC Gaming Week of June 10, 2019

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6 Total Games Curated Out of 122 Games Releasing

Percentage of All PC Games Considered: 4.92%

The following titles are what we feel are the most noteworthy games releasing this week of June 10 - 16, 2019. The description for each title is either authored by the studio or its publisher.

Curated Indies

GOD WARS The Complete Legend

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: The latest in full-scale Tactical RPG receiving great reviews all around the world is finally on PC Steam! Enjoy the ensemble cast of heroes who fought in ancient Japan and capture the best in Tactical RPG consisting an overwhelming game volume of 142 battle stages and 160 hours in total play time.


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Supremacy 1914

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Take over the control of one of the mighty nations during the times of The Great War. Conquer provinces, forge alliances and build up your economy. Build experimental weapons of World War 1 and become the one true superpower!

RELEASE DATE: Jun 12, 2019 DEVELOPER: Bytro Labs GmbH PUBLISHER: Bytro Labs GmbH

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Ritual: Sorcerer Angel

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Watch the game play itself! Cast magic spells and watch the mayhem unfold in chaotic and unpredictable way.


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Releasing in Early Access


STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Play as an Alienautics Space Force Agent to rescue the abducted crew members of your Mothership from the volcanic planet Luminus Prime.

RELEASE DATE: Jun 11, 2019 DEVELOPER: Imran Arafat PUBLISHER: Reality Gameware

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Looking for Heals

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Command your squad of warriors while keeping them from an early grave in the only rogue-lite where the healer calls the shots. Heal, shield, and resurrect your way through a world filled with tough choices, powerful items, and elaborate boss fights inspired by MMO dungeon raids.

RELEASE DATE: Jun 10, 2019 DEVELOPER: Blue Bomber Games PUBLISHER: Blue Bomber Games

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BAYANI - Fighting Game

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: BAYANI is the first All-Filipino made, 1-on-1, indie fighting game that is heavily inspired by the Philippines’ rich history, culture, and mythology. The game features a combination of 2D fighting and full 3D graphics and simplified 6 button controls with fast-paced gameplay.

RELEASE DATE: June 12, 2019 DEVELOPER: Ranida Games PUBLISHER: Ranida Games

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