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PC Gaming Week of September 30, 2019

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16 Total Games Curated Out of 150 Games Releasing

Percentage of All PC Games Considered: 10.67%

The following titles are what we feel are the most noteworthy games releasing this week of September 30 - October 6, 2019. The description for each title is either authored by the studio or its publisher.

Most Anticipated

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

WELCOME TO AUROA: Somewhere in the South Pacific lies the remote Auroa Archipelago, a vast land of diverse biomes that range from lush rainforests to snowy peaks. Now, it’s home to Skell Technology, an enigmatic technology giant. Initially interested in a remote testing site for its autonomous drones, the Silicon Valley company eventually turned Auroa into its “World 2.0,” a high-tech, high-security utopia of sustainable eco-cities and robotics research.

RELEASE DATE: Oct. 4, 2019

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

The beloved and critically acclaimed Ghostbusters video game is back and remastered for the Epic Games store!

Strap on your proton pack once again and join the Ghostbusters on the adventure with the voice and likeness of the original crew as you battle to save New York!

Authentic Ghostbusters Experience - The game features the voices and in-game likenesses of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson in an original story penned by the writers of the original films - Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

Unique Gameplay - Experience unique ghost hunting, wrangling and trapping with upgradeable weapons in widely destructible environments. Test the team's mettle with large scale boss fights.

Storyline Campaign - Play through a unique storyline as the player battles and captures ghosts - both well-loved and brand new - throughout New York.

DEVELOPED BY: Saber Interactive

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Curated Indies

Cube World

Cube World is a voxel-based action RPG with a focus on exploration. It takes place in a procedurally generated fantasy world made up entirely of cubes.

RELEASE DATE: Sep 30, 2019

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3rd Eye

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: A 2D exploration/horror game starring the Touhou Project's Koishi Komeiji. Use her Third Eye to explore a mental world entirely unlike reality.

RELEASE DATE: Sep. 30, 2019
DEVELOPER: 3rd eye project
PUBLISHER: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. / UNTIES

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STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Perhaps the most dynamic turn-based strategy in the spirit of XCOM. Less covers, more action. Land on the lost planet and give the mutants hell. Shoot, kick, blow, crush. You will gather the most desperate team of fighters and unravel the secrets of the mystical planet in the best traditions of science fiction genre.

RELEASE DATE: Sep 30, 2019
DEVELOPER: Tortuga Team
PUBLISHER: Tortuga Team

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STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Nobodies is a puzzle-filled point-and-click adventure in which you must cover up government-sanctioned assassins. Hide the bodies, destroy the evidence, and leave no trace you were ever there. They do the dirty work. You clean it up.

RELEASE DATE: Sep 30, 2019

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We Met in May

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: We met in May and went on a lot of dates. This is a collection of vignette games about those dates, and the comedy that comes with getting to know someone.

What the heck do you DO in these games?

In We Met in May, you play as Nina while she's hanging out with her love interest, Jake. Nina and Jake get into various shenanigans together, which you play through as Nina. On one date, you may end up burying Jake in sand, chips and wine. On another, he may cook dinner for you! Each game is unique, and explores a different date between the two characters.

What do we mean by "vignette games"?
In our case, the vignette games contained in this collection are very short, focused games. Each one illustrates a different moment in the characters relationship (drawing on the developers own experiences!). The vignette games in We met in May are meant to be brief and memorable.

These aren't massive 400 hour RPGs, so don't expect bazillions of hours of gameplay. In fact, only expect... an hour or less! Unless you want to share these at a party--then you can get lots of hours out of the collection by watching your friends try to pour sand directly into Jake's mouth in one of the vignettes called Beach Date. ;)

Who are these games for?

Everyone! But specifically, people who enjoy romantic comedy, small games, character-driven stories and just... funny stuff in general will probably enjoy this collection.

RELEASE DATE: Sep 30, 2019

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YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Your Love Awaits Beyond This World.

During his vacation from Sakaimachi Academy, Takuya Arima receives a package from his supposedly deceased father. It contains the mysterious Reflector Device which allows the user to travel between parallel worlds.

With help from his friends, teachers, and lovers, Takuya must unearth the mystery of his father's legacy to prevent a calamity threatening to envelop reality itself.

RELEASE DATE: Oct 1, 2019
PUBLISHER: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.

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STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Use everything at your disposal to help a team of accidental heroes survive the onslaught in their home city and overcome tremendous odds stacked against them in this tactical rpg set on the streets of occupied Warsaw of 1944.

Enlist the help of men and women, soldiers and civilians, the young and the old and use their unique skills, expertise and abilities to challenge the enemy. Meet people from all walks of life united in their attempt to overthrow the German occupiers.

Create a mix of versatile skills that will allow you to flank your enemies, detonate obstacles, snipe stragglers and push or pull enemies into the area where your carefully planned attacks deal the most damage.

Make sure your Heroes are stacked with the right weapons salvaged, obtained from the enemy or air drops. Develop them using medal system to unlock a unique set of skills, and construct the best team of all the Heroes – both joining the forces and enlisted in the Hideout in exchange for the collected resources.

Make your way on the carefully reconstructed map of Warsaw of 1944, encountering both historical and random events that immerse you in the story of the city that valiantly stood up to the Nazi oppressor. Patrol the streets fulfilling the orders issued by HQ, discover facts about the past of your Heroes and decide when to fight, and when to withdraw.

Learn all the strengths and weaknesses of your assigned team. Find the best combination of personnel, weapons and skills to overcome more and more lethal enemies thrown to quell the uprising. Fight your way through infantry, specialized troops, heavily armed units, special ordnance and armored vehicles. Make your choices in the many story infused events and live with their results. And don’t let the ever increasing ferocity and intensity of forces thrown your way stop you from your one goal. Turning your Heroes into survivors. Not victims.

RELEASE DATE: October 2, 2019
DEVELOPER: Pixelated Milk
PUBLISHER: gaming company

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Neo Cab

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Stay human in a world overcome by automation. Play as Lina, one of the last human driver-for-hire on the streets of Los Ojos. Your friend and only lifeline has gone missing; with no money and nowhere to stay, the only thing you can do is keep driving.

RELEASE DATE: Oct 3, 2019
DEVELOPER: Chance Agency
PUBLISHER: Fellow Traveller

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Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Stay human in a world overcome by automation. Play as Lina, one of the last human driver-for-hire on the streets of Los Ojos. Your friend and only lifeline has gone missing; with no money and nowhere to stay, the only thing you can do is keep driving.

RELEASE DATE: Oct 3, 2019
DEVELOPER: Chance Agency
PUBLISHER: Fellow Traveller

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Close Combat: The Bloody First

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: "No Mission Too Difficult. No Sacrifice Too Great. Duty First!"

Close Combat: The Bloody First is the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series, and the first using the new 3D Archon engine. With this Close Combat: The Bloody First combines classic Close Combat tactical gameplay with battles fought across a wide variety of diverse 3D landscapes including craggy ridgelines, narrow valleys and dense villages. The switch to 3D also allows an increase in the level of detail (e.g. the specific types of ammunition used by each weapon are now modelled) with more realistic movement and projectile physics.

Following the career of the famed US 1stInfantry Division (forever known as 'The Big Red One') Close Combat: The Bloody First visits the battlefields of Tunisia and Sicily for the first time, as well as covering the Normandy campaign.

RELEASE DATE: Oct 3, 2019
DEVELOPER: Slitherine Ltd.
PUBLISHER: Slitherine Ltd.

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Alive 2 Survive: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Zombie hordes. Hostile humans. Fight to live. You are Alive 2 Survive! Swipe your way through life or death decisions where each choice matters and can be the difference between surviving the apocalypse or joining the zombie horde. A swipe-to-survive zombie apocalypse decision making adventure.

RELEASE DATE: October 3, 2019
DEVELOPER: Jamopolis
PUBLISHER: Jamopolis

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STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: "PAGUI" , literally means " Exorcism" in folk Taiwanese dialect …..

During the early age of Taiwan , 1950 , An orphan raised by a local temple , eventually learn the secret story of his family back ground , decided to set his journey at mid night to unfold the true secret about his family............

PAGUI sets at early Taiwan during the 1950 , Comprise of folk tales , urban religion culture alone with tearful true story event with play 3D Adventure RPG gameplay style .

Developer Team re-create the early age Taiwan building style , included Taiwan’s top rated Haunted Mansion “Min Xiong Ghose House” , Alone with folk religion culture , and way of “PAGUI” (Exorcism) by controlling your character using various PAGUI Tools to fight against Demon Spirits ,

Prepare yourself into an Horrified Atmosphere and elements of PAGUI Culture , evolved with the story line to unfold the tearful true secret about the character’s life based on true story event.

RELEASE DATE: Oct 5, 2019
DEVELOPER: padendon
PUBLISHER: padendon

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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: New nightmares have emerged from the shadows of our Moon. Called forth by haunting visions, Eris Morn has returned. Join her to slay these nightmares before they reach out beyond the Moon to cast humanity back into an age of darkness.

RELEASE DATE: Oct 1, 2019

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Early Access

Stars End

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Stars End is a multiplayer sci-fi survival game set hundreds of years in the future, in a star system colonized by humans escaping their dying home world.

Start with basic supplies and find a way into space - without any loading screens! Players will have the opportunity to travel the system to seek out resources, completing missions and uncovering mysteries - while building strongholds in space and planetside, continually facing the danger of other players.

Utilizing procedural planets, the game world is vast - but it's not so large that you won’t be able to play with your friends.

RELEASE DATE: Oct 4th, 2019
DEVELOPER: Reverie World Studios
PUBLISHER: Reverie World Studios

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