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PC Gaming Week of November 18, 2019

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20 Total Games Curated Out of 137 Games Releasing

Percentage of All PC Games Considered: 14.6%

The following titles are what we feel are the most noteworthy games releasing this week of November 18 - 24, 2019. The description for each title is either authored by the studio or its publisher.

Most Anticipated

Shenmue III

Shenmue III sees the eagerly anticipated continuation of the epic story-driven saga. Take control of Ryo Hazuki, a teenage martial artist, determined to unravel the mystery behind his father's murder and to exact revenge on the killer.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 19, 2020
PUBLISHER: Deep Silver

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Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir

Set off on an exciting adventure and immerse yourself in the world of Asterix! Alone or in co-op, explore the lands of the Roman empire and unravel the mystery of the Crystal Menhir and its incredible powers!

RELEASE DATE: Nov 21, 2019
DEVELOPER: Osome Studio

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Experience pure sniping gameplay across the harsh terrain of Siberia in a brand new contracts-based system, encouraging strategic thinking within engaging, redeployable missions.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 22, 2019

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Free to Play

Warhammer: Chaos And Conquest

MMORPG and strategy gameplay in one. Living realms of Chaos Champions battle in PVE and PVP strategic combat. Persistent army management and constant live events. Collect Warlords, manage resources, and conquer your foes.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 18, 2019
DEVELOPER: Hunted Cow Studios
PUBLISHER: Tilting Point

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Curated Indies

Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

Are the ghosts real? Has Salem’s dark history come to life, or is there someone else to blame? Time is short, and Nancy must find the answers before the clock strikes midnight.

RELEASE DATE: Dec 3, 2019
DEVELOPER: HeR Interactive, Inc.
PUBLISHER: HeR Interactive, Inc.

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Football Manager 2020

Run your football club, your way. Every decision counts in Football Manager 2020 with new features and polished game mechanics rewarding planning and progression like never before, empowering managers to develop and refine both your club’s and your own unique identity.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 19, 2019
DEVELOPER: Sports Interactive

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Munchkin: Quacked Quest

Dive into Munchkin: Quacked Quest and re-discover the parody, puns, and humor from the hit card game Munchkin by Steve Jackson. Gather gold, throw your foes (and friends) into sacrifice pits, collect ducks, eliminate the monsters and reach the highest level to win the game!

RELEASE DATE: Nov 19, 2019
DEVELOPER: Asmodee Digital
PUBLISHER: Asmodee Digital

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Super Angling

Super Angling is a game focused on the classic pastime of fishing. Explore the open world looking to discover all of the species. On a raft, boat, or offshore, join in, relax and drop a line.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 19, 2019
DEVELOPER: Instance Entertainment, LLC
PUBLISHER: Instance Entertainment, LLC

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Still There

Every day is the same on the faraway Bento space-lighthouse - until a mysterious radio message breaks through. Evade the past, welcome oblivion, make the perfect Italian coffee. Still There is a psychological adventure game about grief, technical puzzles, wacky AIs and dark humour. How far is far enough?

RELEASE DATE: November 20th, 2019
PUBLISHER: Iceberg Interactive

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Black Future '88

Black Future ’88 is a Synth-Punk roguelike 2D action Shooter. Vertically climb an always evolving procedural tower to reach the top and kill its insane owner…before your heart explodes. Shoot, slash, dash and upgrade yourself to survive the endless waves of Homicidal AI, Traps & Colossal Wardens.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 21, 2019
PUBLISHER: Good Shepherd Entertainment, Surefire.Games

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Land of Ngoto

Land of Ngoto is an atmospheric and immersive first person puzzle game. Enter a surreal african dreamworld and solve the logic puzzles blocking your way.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 21, 2019
DEVELOPER: Marc Oesigmann
PUBLISHER: Marc Oesigmann

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Explore the remains of a fallen world from fascinating perspectives! Slip into the role of different animals to uncover the fate of an ancient world. Dive into deep waters, fly at lofty heights, dig underground as a mole or even climb steep cliffs with a mountain goat, there are lots of ways of getting around.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 22, 2019
DEVELOPER: Mooneye Studios
PUBLISHER: Mooneye Studios

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Heroic Mercenaries

Heroic Mercenaries is an action game taking place in a beautiful fantasy world. The legendary dragon Naoce just destroyed your town, will you be able to take your revenge? Choose your character and form your mercenary band by recruiting allies such as knights, swordsmen, assassins and even cute dogs!

RELEASE DATE: Nov 22, 2019
DEVELOPER: Azure Fire Games
PUBLISHER: Azure Fire Games

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Early Access


Bowling and also Golf.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 19, 2019

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The business simulator Plutocracy gives you the chance to become wealthy and powerful to take control over the world. Where policy, laws, officials and people are only the chess pieces how do you play your game?

RELEASE DATE: 21 November 2019

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A fast paced couch and online arena brawler with comically violent, one-shot one-kill battles that last for just 25 seconds – after which anyone who's still alive is forcibly eliminated. Explode your friends in this frantic homage to the 16bit coin-op games of the past!

RELEASE DATE: Nov 21, 2019
DEVELOPER: Ludicrous Games
PUBLISHER: Ludicrous Games

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Lost Existence

Explore vast and forgotten lands, uncover ancient ruins, and conquer the fallen, in this open world, first-person voxel action-RPG. Forge your path through the lost civilizations of the planet. Master the magical arts, or brandish and imbue your weapons. Build and reshape the world.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 21, 2019
DEVELOPER: Lurid Spectre Games
PUBLISHER: Lurid Spectre Games

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Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations

Revelations sets in motion the return of the entombed Es’Teq dynasty, whose Heritor descendants aim to use ancient technology and reincarnate billions of followers across the galaxy, establishing divine rule. The Heritor wield strong Entropy weapons that are effective against machines and can awaken ancient Es'Teq minds. Claim ancient secrets or succumb to their power in a new campaign with tactical combat and in-depth empire building.

RELEASE DATE: 19 November, 2019
DEVELOPER: Triumph Studios
PUBLISHER: Paradox Interactive

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Eight new ‘Mechs have been added to the world of BATTLETECH, including seven classic designs from the original board game along with a never-before-seen ‘Mech designed exclusively for this expansion. New methods of destruction await as eight devastating weapons systems are now available to wreak havoc like never before. Heavy Metal takes ‘Mech action to the next level with a brand new Flashpoint Mini-Campaign featuring two legendary characters from the famous mercenary group, Wolf’s Dragoons, and a mysterious derelict cargo ship.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 21, 2019
DEVELOPER: Harebrained Schemes
PUBLISHER: Paradox Interactive

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We Happy Few: We All Fall Down

You’ve taken your Joy, but now it’s time to tear it all down in this final piece of handcrafted Season Pass content. Play as Victoria Byng, get a grip on her whip, and get the last word on the story of Wellington Wells. As Victoria reckons with her own withdrawals, the city slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder. It’s always been Victoria’s duty to help keep things proper, but the closer she looks, the deeper the rot seems to run.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 19, 2019
DEVELOPER: Compulsion Games

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