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Genital Jousting Experiences Full Release

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Genital Jousting Pulls Out of Early Access

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: CAPETOWN – Independent developer Free Lives (Broforce, GORN) and Devolver Digital have pulled the world’s premier schlong ‘em up Genital Jousting out of Early Access and thrust the updated game onto Steam as a full release. Genital Jousting 1.0 includes a brand-new story mode, featuring dynamic voiceover narration, which follows the trials and tribulations of a dick named John as he looks for love in a world that simply doesn’t love him back.

Since its entry into Early Access late last year, Genital Jousting has satisfied more than 300,000 players and become one of the top online sex party videogames of the past decade. Free Lives and Devolver Digital are celebrating this milestone achievement with the release of a limited edition physical item and the announcement of Genital Jousting’s foray into the competitive world of electronic sports (esports).

The Official Genital Jousting Squeezable Plush™ from ESC Toy is available now for $30 and comes with several alluring features, including a custom ‘spurt’ sound chip, a fashionable sundress, and a shockingly long Steam code for Genital Jousting. Check out the website.

Genital Jousting’s story mode is the greatest narrative ever created for the medium of video games,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

“This is the Citizen Kane of penis video games.”

Genital Jousting is available now on Steam at an engorged price of $6.99 to account for all the hot new throbbing content. For more information and to become part of the conversation follow @Free_Lives on Twitter and visit on the internet.

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