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Bug Academy Review

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Bug Academy is an absurdist and bizarrely wonderful glimpse into the lives of the insect students at the world's only institute of education for bug life. Bug Academy has no comprehensive storyline, but there isn’t supposed to be one. It’s a joyful, chaotic, romp through a surreal world where you guide flies, mosquitos, fireflies, and bees through classroom obstacles in the pursuit of a diploma

Your gameplay breaks down into four classrooms each containing one tutorial to begin with and six levels to earn stars after. Throughout your play you will encounter various obstacles such as appliance delivery, cow herding, and abstract art creation, all meant to advance the skill level of your student, thus creating a well rounded little mosquito or bee to send out into the real world.

Your journey begins as a fly...


If you have the ability, it’s recommended at the start to use a controller, and while this does make for smoother play it is ultimately your decision. To begin classroom one is a guideline to your base skills for the game- picking things up, holding them, or throwing them. The list of things includes cows, building blocks, gems, and pretty much anything as long as you can get other bug friends to join your swarm and carry more weight. Building off of these core skills the levels increase in difficulty, mainly by time constraint. This is done in such an addictive way you might not even notice yourself two hours into trying to beat your own score on the same level over and over again.


The incentive to keep playing this game is everywhere from the very beginning. Each level begins with the leaderboard positioned at the entrance and exit, beckoning that you take one more stab at it before moving on. Most levels require you to achieve a certain amount of stars to continue; this is an academy after all- technical skill reigns supreme! As if honing your craft of pizza delivery at the Bug Academy wasn’t enough sense of achievement, they had to go and throw in tiny hats. That’s right, the bugs get hats. When you take your final exam, you unlock the graduation cap, but there are far more interesting options. You can zip around in a box, pose as an officer of the law, or simply wear a rubber ducky on your tiny fly head. Eighty-three stars will unlock all the hats, but eighty-seven will get you into the semi-secret level x located outside of the far right door in the gift shop. There are also a few untimed levels in the game that could entice your brain by just the sheer enjoyment of the disorderly nature your flies take on when stacking blocks.


No school is complete without the voice of its students, theBug Academy is no different. This fantastical world would not be the same without its soundtrack. Every level is accompanied by Bug Academy is making the world more believable. While the backgrounds are beautifully executed and the physics is near flawless, the soundtrack sets the tone for a world that you as the player are walking in to enjoy-a world made by bugs, for bugs, and for you to be bugs. A vacation hotspot if you will.


The Verdict: Great

With a free demo available on Steam & a low price tag, you can’t beat Bug Academy as an option for many hours of casual addictive fun. It’s well crafted title with lots of hat options, as well as levels to choose from. You can’t go wrong whistling the soundtrack down the street either.

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