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Rapture Rejects Early Access Review

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Rapture Rejects provides an interesting and humorous take on the battle royale genre. Set in the Cyanide & Happiness universe, you start off in a world devastated by The Rapture, where unfortunately you did not make the cut into heaven. Forced to battle your way through the trash-lined streets of an apocalyptic landscape, you must best the other rejects in the arena and shoot, punch, and loot your way into heavenly victory.

Character Customization

Before you can partake in the battles and bloodshed, your first task is to customize your character. An impressive amount of options is available to choose from, including a diverse set of skin tones, over forty unique hairstyles, and several unlockable outfits. Rapture Rejects also provides the amusing option to equip your character with a “dong” or “boobs,” as well as the choice to pick both or equip neither of them.

The unique character customization is a great addition to the gameplay, as it allows you to easily distinguish your own and your friend’s characters from the other players on the map, which can be a hard thing to achieve in battle royale games with upwards of fifty players on one server. Equipping or unequipping items is also accompanied by comedic animations, which adds a nice touch to the design element and overall customization experience.

Solo or Duo

After creating your character, you can pick between starting up a match in solo mode or duos mode. Solo mode provides the standard battle royale experience with you against every single player on the map. Solo mode is quick to load, with most matches loading in under a minute, and is great for players used to the challenge of fighting by their lonesome.

Alternatively, duos mode pairs you up with another player to take on the apocalypse. This mode is a great addition for players just starting out and who need a little help navigating the violent world, as well as for those who enjoy working as a team. Although duos mode does tend to take slightly longer to load than solo mode, most matches load within two minutes. While great with friends or strangers, duos mode will also occasionally load as a solo mode instead — a bug which I found can be fixed by re-selecting the intended game mode.

Maps & Weapons

Whether you’re playing in solo or duos mode, you’ll spawn into a map full of apocalyptic ruins for each match. The map shrinks with a hellish fire every few minutes to keep the match interesting, however, the maps themselves tend to blur together after a few rounds. While the maps do have a unique charm in the broken bottles, trash heaps, and dead isometric bodies you’ll find thanks to the dark humor, these features can become repetitive after a while, as there is little variation in the worlds themselves.

In addition to the maps, the weapons provided also fall short as well. Though the weapons already implemented are hilarious and fun to fire (I love the compost rifle and the tromblunderbuss), there are only a handful of options. This lack of variety partially takes away from the thrill of looting crates and buildings, as you already know what type of weapons you might find. As fun as the available weapons are, there simply aren’t enough of them.

Ticket System

One thing that does improve on the repetitiveness of the maps and lack of weapons is the ticket system. Rapture Rejects gives out tickets for every match completed, the number of which depends on how well you did in the heat of the battle. These tickets can be submitted at Sinners and Winners, which will spit out a random item in exchange, such as new clothing items for your character. This feature provides a nice incentive to keep fighting tooth and nail against other players in order to reap the potential rewards.


The Verdict: Good

Rapture Rejects is an entertaining battle royale game with a unique charm created by its dark humor. While future updates to the maps and weaponry are definitely needed to improve the gameplay and justify the current price tag, the extensive character customization sets it apart from other battle royale games, the quick load times allow players to jump in at any moment, and the ticket system helps to keep players coming back for more. If you’re a fan of dark humor and battle royale gaming, Rapture Rejects is for you.

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