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The Endless Mission Gameplay Revealed

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E-Line Media Unveils The Endless Mission with Announce Trailer and First-Ever Gameplay

Battle a threat to humanity wielding the power of creativity and technology

STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS: Phoenix, AZ - April 4, 2018 - E-Line Media, creators of Never Alone, has announced its latest project - The Endless MissionThe Endless Mission is a sandbox-style creation game that takes players on a hero’s journey through a rich narrative world where they develop the power and opportunity to craft games and experiences of their own in the Unity engine - all while challenging forces larger than themselves.

Developed through a collaboration between E-Line Media and Endless Interactive, with a story by the veteran team of writers at Sleep Deprivation Lab, whose credits include Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and The Crew - The Endless Mission explores what it means to shape the technology in our lives versus being shaped by it. It launches players on a journey to a world where nothing is as it seems and the power to shape everything around them exists at the tips of their fingers.

Those who embark upon The Endless Mission are invited to mashup, mix, and modify

Those who embark upon The Endless Mission are invited to mashup, mix, and modify games across a wide variety of genres, even manipulating the essence of the game down to the very code itself - creating new experiences and gameplay opportunities as they discover what is at stake for the world as we know it. 

About E-Line Media

E-Line Media is a video game developer and publisher passionate about harnessing the power of games to help players understand and shape the world. The company is a double-bottom-line, for-profit enterprise whose investors seek market-level financial returns and positive social impact. Learn more at

About Endless Interactive

Endless was founded in 2012 with the mission to make computing universally accessible for everyone.  Endless OS, the company’s flagship product, is an operating system that is easy to use and comes pre-installed with more than 150 apps.  Its team of advisors includes Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, and Nicholas Negroponte from the MIT Media Lab. Learn more about Endless at

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